A Visual Journey Resolving Inner Conflict – Peace of Mind

If you had said to me 30 years ago, “Live with Spirit” I would have poured myself another scotch for breakfast and declared, “I am.”

DSC00136_3 (1)But then I got to dance with First Nation People in Canada, sing with the Sherpa People of Nepal, drum with Yogi’s of India and chant with Monks in Korea. Bit by bit, through music and dance I got to understand what “live with spirit” really means.

For me, it means “enjoy” – feel the joy of doing it. Now, that’s a bit weak, but when we half enjoy doing it, we are sort of enjoying, sort of into what we do, not fully engaged, commonly called “over thinking it.” And that kills the spirit of it.

Learning the Hard Way

Sometimes people put a foot in two places. One foot in the thing they are doing and another foot wishing they were doing something else. That leads to half hearted investment, and is very much a formula for failure. It comes from a good place, trying to do justice to all the things in life people feel obligated to invest in.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis leads to the words “careful, cautious, considered” which are really important sometimes. But life evolves at the border of chaos and order, and careful, cautious and considered are way over on the far edge of order. Consequently they generate massive chaos in counterbalance. Hence, “there’s no such thing as a half hearted success story.”

Whole Hearted Living and Working

When I say “live with spirit” I mean enthusiastically, enjoyably, successfully and kindly.

There are no half hearted success stories. We all know that. And yet, there are many people, millions and millions, some in senior executive jobs, living half hearted.

Don’t blame them. Sometimes it’s hard to balance all seven areas of life. Sometimes the cultural background of the individual holds them back. Sometimes it’s even self sabotage.

But most often, half hearted situations come from uncertainty. That’s an inner conflict.

Inner conflict is a big issue for us all. It can be so extreme that it makes us ill. Inner conflict, even emotional conflict internally can lead to self sabotage, over compensating, poor leadership and not turning up in relationship.

nepal_1-504ee0136c3efd18a08f9d44d502cf71a8e31bc2-s800-c85On the opposite side, a sense of inner peace, or inner harmony, can be a great platform for an individual to arrive at any adventure in life, be it work, relationship, home building, investment and sport 100% ready to participate wholeheartedly.

Whole hearted living isn’t fluff. Whole hearted living is really putting yourself into what you do at every level. It’s the sort of stuff Olympic athletes know to be the difference between winning and losing.

The core variables of Human Potential at Work and at Home.

  1. Fear of The Future… We all have dreams and goals. Even small ones are potential sources of fear. We can’t fear the past. We can only fear the future. The solution to fear of the future is to either resolve the fear by careful analysis (which is the primal function of fear) or to get so into what we’re doing that we turn up 110% and become totally present, in the moment and therefore oblivious to the future (this is what athletes must do – forget the outcome, focus on the process)
  2. Guilt of the Past … if we are not thankful for the past we attract it. The universe is teaching us love all the time so anything we’re not thankful for, I mean really see the benefit of, we breed, attract or become.
  3. Values … We each have fingerprint specific values. However, the more stressed and in panic we get, the more likely we are to compromise our values. At the same time, values means engagement, or enthusiasm. So linking our values to what we’re doing is a great science to staying young, vital and spirited. I think this is a major cultural advantage for any organisation or individual who knows how to do this. In fact I have worked with indigenous people on suicide prevention, corporate teams, sports identities and movie stars just on this skill alone and made a huge impact. It’s the big secret to putting your heart into it.

Resolving Inner Conflict

How can we expect world peace if we have no internal peace?DSC00788

There are two sides to every person: their masculine principle and their feminine principle. One creates the other destroys. If one has a preference over the other it’s usual but if there’s a shooting match between them, then there’s a war going on inside.

If we personify these two sides of ourselves into steriotypes we can even start to say we are for or against “men who are like this” or “women who are like that” – in other words our inner conflict with ourselves becomes mirrored in our outer conflicts with others.

It’s hard to do good if you don’t feel good

DSC00076We often infatuate the importance of physical health and its impact on how we feel, and to a certain extent that infatuation is justified. Exercise can produce chemicals that make us feel good. But that’s not sustainable if we have an internal war going on. An internal war is mental health and thinking badly can easily override all benefits of physical exercise as well as all the other terrible side effects thinking badly can cause (violence, addictions, depressions, suicides, corruption, deception, etc)

Right Thinking _ It’s not just what you think, but how you think that matters…

Mental health comes from how you think. If you think nice thoughts but your mind is not right thinking, you will become confused and in internal conflict with yourself.

So the first step in any human potential culture change programme is to make sure
individuals know, more than what to think, how to think.

This is the regime:DSC06284

  1. Listen for tell tale signals of wrong thinking process. (Got to, Should do, Need to)
  2. Coach yourself up to right thinking or out of the situation (move to right thinking)
  3. Know when you are acting on right thinking or reacting to wrong thinking
  4. Value thinking process as much as exercise for health (most ill health comes from wrong thinking not so much lack of exercise etc)
  5. A short pencil is better than a long memory .. think right means write it.



Goodness, enthusiasm, intent and inspired work.

Step 1. Entering the stream. Letting go of Ignorance and poor motive. Free from Ego.

  • Beyond Anger
  • Beyond Greed
  • Beyond Hatred

To get more done in less time. To do what you do with increasing excellence. To go home with more energy than you came to work with. To bring home the best you and yet, to grow everyday of your life in the responsibility you carry. This is Step 1. on the way to improved self and team leadership. Simply it means take the power back from reaction.

nepal child in Poverty2

Step 2. Awareness. Becoming aware of those things that support and challenge our Truth.

    • Mindful of Body
    • Mindful of Feelings
    • Mindful of Mind
    • Mindful of objects

When people find real harmony within themselves and with the world around them, they become better people. Now, the question might become, “so what has this got to do with success and leadership?” And the answer is “everything.”

There is a path. It is a well trodden path. It too is in synch with nature. The path starts by building a personal foundation of emotional and personal stability and evolves all the way to the highest levels of personal mastery.

Kids in Nepal

Step 3. Effort. Focussing life on goodness.

    • Doing the right thing
    • Fixing and preventing doing the wrong thing
    • Be aware of causing the right thing
    • Sustaining and holding the right space

People want to achieve different levels of awakening in their life. To move to the higher and highest states of human awareness and performance. To move past the mundane and attain some sort of emancipation and understanding of life. This is a worthy ambition in life. The Journey is often referred to as, The Path.


Step 4. Success. Creating an Outcome

    • Diligence
    • Energy
    • Awareness (focus)
    • Penetration

We are a pure and good society. A highly tolerant one. We are a kind and generous society, who gives to aid those who are less fortunate. We live in a good world.

And, it is on this basis that I encourage you to take this journey. We are good people, humanity is good, work is good, and families are good. We deserve the merit of higher awareness and understandings in whatever form they take to preserve the best, and evolve the rest.

Tibetan Dancers Celebrating Dalai Lama birthday in Kathmandu
Tibetan Dancers Celebrating Dalai Lama birthday in Kathmandu

Step 5. Powers. Faculties, Capacities and Abilities in higher realms

  • Con dence
  • Energy
  • Stability – emotional and mental
  • Concentration – emotional and mental
  • True Understanding

As western people we are looking for more enlightenment, more enlightened ways of being in the world and, in our competitive world, it is dif cult. There are so many opportunities to take a side track, to waste years. This is why, I, as a teacher of awakened living and enlightened lifestyle, believe nature provides a beautiful and most perfect alternative as a model for human growth and leadership.



Step 6. Awakening.

    • Full attention
    • The Universal Laws – Cause and Effect
    • Energy
    • Joy
    • Ease
    • Concentration
    • Letting go

In our complex world, we have the opportunity to simplify our understandings by relating everything to nature. The forest, the ocean, the sky, species, rocks, plants, animals and insects all have a voice. It requires silence and wisdom to hear it.

The Laws of Nature bring the harmony of nature into everyday life. Evidence of those laws can be found in music, in dance, in business as well as relationships. The universal laws are found in every walk of life.

Knowing those laws will create harmony in your work, stimulate the environment you create, direct the exercises you do and help create the depth and silence to open your inner ear to your own life inspiration.

Nuns in Bhutan

Step 7. Humility. We return to the beginning.

    • Loving Kindness – Give joy and happiness to others.
    • Joyfulness – Happiness for ourselves and others that causes no harm.
    • Equanimity – Give and act unconditionally
    • Compassion – Remove suffering from others

If you are a leader and you are looking for awakened mind states, inner peace, stillness, harmony and inspiration then you can know that this path, nature’s path is the fastest path, the short cut. It is unique because it comes from everyday experience. It does not try to clone a human goodness, but instead, it helps people learn and grow through the real experiences of their own life, it is an individual way, your own path.

Real Spirit. 5


As western people we are looking for more enlightenment, more enlightened ways of being in the world and, in our competitive world, it is dif cult. There are so many opportunities to take a side track, to waste years. This is why, I, as a teacher of awakened living and enlightened lifestyle, believe nature provides a beautiful and most perfect alternative as a model for human growth and leadership.