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After years of study nature was shown to be an awesome antidote to depression, violence, anger and stress.

As an individual with aspirations to make a difference in the world, stress is your number one enemy. There’s no need to elaborate. It causes premature death. It constitutes over 90% of doctors visits in Australia and costs corporations $billions in lost productivity to say the least.

What use are you if you are stressed? You are no use as a family member, business exec, leader, healer, helper, friend, coach, singer, actor, tv personality. Admit it. Stress screws up everything you’re working toward.

It doesn’t matter whether you are going through a divorce, a heartbreak, a sickness, unemployment, depression, frustration, lost direction or grief, you can get past all that using nature’s universal laws as your best friend in the universe.

Nobody inside the “system” from which your stress is happening can fix the cause. They can only help you deal with the impact. The cause of stress is inside you and it comes from your beliefs and fears and identification. Why not identify with nature? It’s universal, it’s real, it doesn’t need a uni degree to understand and, most importantly, it works, 100% of the time.

Stress is a lopsided perception. When we experience pain or sadness or loss that perception is totally one sided. To see the two sides of any situation puts you back in the driver’s seat. In the driver’s seat you master the situation not get mastered by it.

But there’s more.

Can you be thankful for the situation? Can you see the order in the chaos? Can you see the humility of a learning? All this leads to personal change, the evolving of your DNA, your values, your impact on the world. Don’t give up the chase. Don’t compromise it. Process your stress.

Add stress to the cause of domestic violence and disconnectedness from children, we know, that those under the pump most, those most likely to have a divorce or illness as a result of their work are highly paid business executives with the most to lose. I don’t mean business executives have more money to lose, I mean, that they are responsible for sometimes thousands of individuals, huge companies, the futures of many people. And stress can screw with their ability to make smart and courageous decisions.

Stress is a highly emotionally driven. Actually, those under the most stress are likely to reveal it the least. This simply means the stress is buried under responsibilities, good intentions at home, financial obligations, dogma and fear. Stress that sits buried turns into frustration, illness and disease. All the symptoms of failed hopes.

To reach the peak of any mountain you have to know the way. So, too, to use nature to rid yourself of buried stress you need to know the way. Even though, the studies produced demonstrate that even a screen saver with nature on it can help, I doubt they were dealing with the massive pressures business executives face in trying to manage home and work responsibilities and make astute decisions.

The Economics of Biophilia report demonstrates the financial benefit in utilising nature as the foundation human development resource in corporate and medical fields. The-economics-of-biophilia_terrapin-bright-green-2012e report demonstrates this perfectly.

I believe in technology but not as much as being human

Global cultures are moving forward at a magnificent pace. People are more mobile than ever and the support structures for growth are improving at an incredible rate. It is so easy for an executive to release responsibility for their wellbeing to the corporate system and sit back. We must be cautious in doing this:

  1. Ultimately, performance is the motive for corporate development. This may not be the ultimate best in “Total Human Awareness”  as quite often, what makes you productive also makes you left brain dominant and a total bore at home. (logical and needy)
  2. The human spirit needs space. Consider the inner child within all human beings as a natural spring stream of energy. When it dies, our heart goes out of work and life. We must be personally responsible for this aspect of our lives, corporate leaders cannot be held accountable at this level.
  3. The art of turning up at home is very personal and individual. In this book Be in Your Element – Rama Prasad and I explore the different ways individuals respond to the stimulus of life and correspondingly the different benefits of authentic self awareness for each.

Business and Nature

To defy nature is called arbitrage. It’s therefore possible to defy the laws of nature and highly profitable to do so. It does help to know what you’re defying. And, for the purpose of sustainability, it does help to know how to apply the laws of nature to good, profitable and healthy business.

Creating competitive advantage, building brand awareness, connecting with clients emotional buying patterns can all be done most simply and correctly utilising nature’s laws. In this book Laws of Nature for BetterBusiness  I do a lot to express that advantage.

Starting Your Own Business Using Nature as a Guide

After the dust settles from a self help seminar, or the razzmatazz of a business launch, the question of doing things the hard way or the short way are always on the table.

To avoid partner disputes, legal action, pushback from clients and that horrible language of life imbalance, you’re always wise to use nature as a guide. There’s no rhetoric in nature’s guidance and it’s a sure fire guarantee to catch any ego or hype that’s crept into your business approach.

Don’t Bring it Home

If there’s one thing most executives with failed marriages lament it is “I wish I knew how to switch off.” Well now you can. Using the Laws of Nature you can switch on and off between work and family instantaneously. You can also rebound from a hit, not get suckered into an argument and refuse to be drawn by false praise. Flattery gets you nowhere.

Here’s a great paper on this turning up and turning 

All Human Problems Can Be Solved Using Nature as A Guide

We don’t live in the bush. But we’re all different when we do go to the bush for a holiday. A universal truth, “people are different in nature.” They are more inspired, more generous, more open minded, more creative, more visionary. So, why not bring nature back to the city?

If people are different in nature how do we bring the bush to the city? Bring nature home? and this is what I’d love to show you how to do.

Innerwealth Power Hour Download the ebook and enjoy

All human problems can be solved using nature as a guide but the key to it is ego free honesty.

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