Walker Seven Elements of Life Score CardOn the Self-Leadership chart score yourself from 0 in the middle to 10 on the outside in each area. If you are perfectly happy with your finances, score 10 on the outside circle for financial. If you are, say 5/10 for health, score yourself half way along the health line between the centre and the outside. Do this for all areas, then join the points.

Now, here’s the question. If you could set goals and wave a magic wand that helped you achieve all those goals immediately, would you be happy? In other words if you could be 10/10 in all areas of your life, spiritual, mental, physical, social, career, health and relationship would you be happy?


Well here’s the trick to it. Do you see that little tiny circle in the middle? Well that was your 10/10 – 20 years ago.

Hungry on the Outside – Satisfied on the inside – Unflappable Inspiration

Nobody tells us that as we grow up, our dreams get bigger and therefore our problems would become bigger. Nobody tells us that as our leadership role expanded or as our capacity to love expanded we’d need our relationship to grow as well.


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