Coaching – Wonder and Explore

I’m not here to tell you how to live your life but I am going to challenge you to break through some old notions of how things work and introduce you to an infinitely smarter, less dramatic way of working and living that simply does not go out of balance.

Life balance is a big issue and it’s getting bigger as things go faster, so I created the
“Introduction to Coaching is a 30 day Intensive Program” covering an accelerated process of self-leadership – one topic at a time, one a day for 30 days. We create an entire new language to save you time and effort in maintaining your A game at home and at work, while focussing on real time problem solving and opportunity investment.

This exploration and development of a zen like insight into human development creates the most powerful short cut available to humanity through the mire of self leadership. It’s a real, grounded, results based introspection that leads to better relationships at home and at work, clear career path and management outcomes, great energy for self and others and, in general a really inspiring kick start for the future.

You will learn, apply, practice and explore over 30 new life balancing skills that you can share with those you coach. You will have the mentoring, one on one, no video or group parties online. It’s you and me, together moving you forward at the pace you expect.

Introduction to coaching is 30 days of support. Over twenty short phone calls, four extended coaching sessions, unlimited email – up to fifteen hours of coaching in 30 days. I do it because I believe that nature never moves in straight lines and if you are serious about change, you want it now.

I also offer ongoing support through coaching into the future. Longer term support as the different areas of change unfold.






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