Two States of Mind You Must Master

Imagine there’s an on and an off switch to life. And then imagine there’s a half way between. The half way between on and off has many names:

Relaxing, chilling out, watching tv, stressed, overwhelmed, depressed, frustrated, annoyed, anxious, nervous, drunk, drugged, medicated, injured, bored, hanging out, listening to music, watching Youtube, doing Facebook, reading and more.

This middle ground is literally shit. It’s where recovery from stress takes forever, where presenteeism is maximised (not turning up and enjoying life) and where productivity, creativity and inspiration are near zero. In this noise driven (seeking or avoiding it) middle ground, yoga, meditation, sport, food and alcohol, along with friends, family and social life take a strong place. It’s where you are not you, and it’s important to spend some time fishing in this middle ground. But lets not mistake it for life.


In the OFF position you must be 100% alert, engaged but 100% still. Nervous system must be switched on but muscle tension is zero. This “ZEN” space finds the gap between moments in time so it requires absolute 100% focus. This space is the perfect recovery space. Try sitting perfectly upright, facing a wall about 50cm from your face, open eyes, using your peripheral vision and just stare at the wall. Don’t flinch, remain alert through posture. You’ll begin to get the gist of it by trying it. Don’t control your mind, breath or anything, just don’t move a muscle however, be ready to catch a ball if it’s thrown to you.


LOVE what you do and do what you LOVE. Avoid the emotional pitfalls of comparing what you are doing to what you want, expected, desired, think you should be, ought to be, have to do and got to do. Choose to be in the situation you are in. Choose to accept what’s not going the way you want and see if you can remain thankful so that you avoid all the lower unconscious emotional states of fear, guilt, anger, disappointment, frustration, envy, jealousy, hate and regret. (they add up to insecurity).


Whether you play sport, work in an office, climb mountains, make love, wash dishes or simply mow the lawn, ON OR OFF, is the place you will turn up at your best and recover fastest.



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