4 Keys to The Power of Inner Wealth

When my business and relationship crashed in the same week, I was sent inside myself to find the strength to survive. I had never needed this inner place before even though I’d meditated and done yoga, competed in all sorts of sports and loved people dearly.  Everything that I’d defined as my heart, wasn’t.

Here’s what I discovered when I finally found my core Inner Wealth:

  1. It’s a mysterious place to be inside yourself that reveals itself as not wanting. I came to know that this inner wealth needs nothing, wants nothing and therefore has everything. It’s not a great feeling but it’s absolutely bullet proof. I think they call it unconditional love.
  2. It’s here in the now and no matter where I am, it’s here with me. This presence is a no emotion place and it’s about the same as standing on a cliff edge balancing on a swiss ball. it’s highly engaged in absolutely this moment in time. In other words, in this space, I can’t think, I can only do.
  3. It’s really visionary. Which in means  in the space of the now, I can expand the moment and feel the future included in it. It’s quite extraordinary. The future becomes clear to me if I sit silently and focus on this one moment in time. I call it catching a feather because the second I try to think about the future, it blows it away. I have to sit and let the future drift into my hands.
  4. It’s good for sport, music and working alone but it’s not always romantic, engaging or entertaining. In simple language, inner wealth is about me, and outer wealth is about emotions, others and connecting with people at a conscious level.


After a few years of practice I found that I could do both. I could feel the inner wealth while engaging, authentically in the outer. It’s a nice feeling, something like we feel at a dinner party when comfortable filled with great food and wine and having a good laugh with friends. Inner contentment, outer entertainment. It’s worth the work to master it.


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