Frustra Week

This week is frustra week. Appropriate given Easter celebrating death and resurrection which is what a frustra represents.

You can see the growth rings of a tree – cycles of death and resurrection. – times of growth and stagnation. We humans grow in the same way, nature (us) never grows in straight lines.

But the other significant observation is that the tree tries to expand in all directions. We do too. If we grow at home we grow at work and all the other areas of life too. This is a key awareness.

So this week list down your frustrations. List them clearly now in each of the seven areas of life. Then ask, what am I holding onto (your bark) that is preventing me from growing through that frustration.

Let that “holding” go by finding appreciation (gratitude) for whatever it is that you are afraid of happening – (the only reason we hold on and stay frustrated is fear of the future)

This week clear your old frustrations, grow as nature intended, and allow your new frustrations to arrive.

That’s how we grow.

If you need clarity on this please be in touch.

So what is a frustra? In simple language it is an elation, thinking you are better than who you are then suddenly finding a depression (the balance) that you aren’t as good as you thought you are.

What causes elation?

Someone near you feeling depressed.

Someone pumping you up by giving you only the good news about something you’ve done.

Finding something new where the bad news is still hidden from view (an affair or new boss or new family member)

Frustra means that there’s a gap between what you expected to happen and what is happening – a fight between your expectations and reality – (of course reality wins)

False expectations make frustras last longer and hurt more than they need to.

So what are false expectations ? They are your ego. What are real expectations? They are Love. Love is not an emotion – it the the power of gratitude, presence, certainty and reality.

Apply this to any frustra and you will always be “One Step Ahead”

Enjoy your day

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