10 traits that guarantee you’re a loser

1. It’s predictable as snow. If you don’t have a reason for waking up in the morning that’s bigger than you (you included your family ) – yr going to end up a loser for sure.

2. If health doesn’t matter – yr cooked. Eat to live don’t follow the tv and live to eat.

3. You are waiting for life to make you happy – hand your power over to the universe and you’ll be shafted.

4. You think you’re better than who you really are and therefore get depressed all the time. You are no better or worse than anyone else.

5. You put all your eggs in one basket and have no plan b. Wanna make God laugh? Do this

6. You value opinions more than your own – death on a stick.

7. You want cheap infrequent coaching – you end up with cheap infrequent joy.

8. You think your greatest achievement is your kids – sadly for you they grow up.

9. Your goals and dreams depend on someone liking you – stick a hot poker up you bottom instead.

10. You think someone will pay you more for doing the same as what you currently do and work less hours- loser.


Have a great Easter and try not to get hung up on trivia….

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