Your Stories

A man had an opinion. It was his. He owned his opinions. He believed in his opinions. He worked really hard to hold onto his opinions. Those opinions had cost him dearly to earn. He’d paid a huge price for them. Experience for example had taught him that his opinions were right “see, i told you so” he would say often to his partner.

Actually, this man valued his opinions so much that he found it very hard to change them. When, as it always does, life challenged him to evolve, he couldn’t. His opinions, and therefore his stories stayed strong, firm and therefore, his ego remained untouched. But it wasn’t easy.

Exhausted from defending his opinions each day, the man would crawl into bed, somewhat satisfied that he’d defended his territory. The tiredness was extreme. There was a war going on between his opinions (which he often called “my self” ) and the smooth workings of the world.

It takes a bit of tough love to show a person that what hasn’t been working for them for a very long time needs to be changed. It wasn’t so much what he was thinking that needed to shift but more like HOW he was thinking.

How we think underpins all our stories. If we look for victims and one sided arguments, we’ll find the measure of our beliefs in our stories. How we think changes our stories, and therefore how we think causes our future. We go in the direction of our dominant thought and what thought could be more dominant than “our opinions.”

There are two sides to everything and we must bring all things to balance before we try to be thankful. This is the key to inspired thinking

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