Self Leadership for Authentic Leadership of Others

When you can lead yourself you can truly and authentically lead others.

At Innerwealth we believe that business and career success first begins with personal success and personal success means your body, mind and spirit are in balance.

Daily exercises and good habits can keep you personally balanced. We divide this as:

  1. Before Work
  2. During Work
  3. After Work

The key here is to turn up to work in a good healthy space, mentally and physically. The requirements for this intensify as the job responsibility increases. In other words “what got you to work inspired last year will not be effective this year and if an individual does not evolve this process their job, business or role shrinks. This is the essence of mental and physical health and can be deemed “beyond doubt” before work.

  1. At Work

Staying engaged, emotionally available, energised and with stamina for enjoying a day at work means both doing a great job and staying motivated. This isn’t always automatic. We can take charge of this with good self- leadership practices. It can be seem and a visionary individual and it’s quite obvious when it is continually evolving.

  1. After Work

Fulfilment is an energy that must come with us through the front door of our home after work. It begins at day end and will recover us well, be present with family and guarantee balance in life. This is a complete sense of purposeful ness and we can learn the skills to cause it.

This 3 step process is at the heart of the Innerwealth Self-leadership program which now includes 3 months of sustained coaching.

For more information please contact me.

With Spirit


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