Winning Mindset

Whether you’re a corporate exec, an artist, an architect or a brain surgeon, you’re continually dealing with your mindset.

To test the veracity of your current thinking there are three things you can ask:

1. How is your process for deal with things that don’t go your way?
2. How is your process for dealing with things that do go your way?
3. When you get into a certain negative mood how long do you stay there?

The first question reveals the chances of you being successful with health. As worry, stress and anxiety all destroy health, it can be clearly said that if you can’t deal positively with things that go negatively you’ll be unwell for life. I think this is the first step in creating a success based mindset. Learn to deal with things that don’t go as expected.

The second appeals to our appetite for gratification which, if mishandled, leaders to and underpins poor mental health. Depressions, anger and frustrations, instability in sport and business are underpinned by the appetite from victory. The success mindset has bigger things in play.

Finally, we must all accept that nature and therefore we, grow in cycles. Downers are cyclic and often mentally or energetically reflect the phases of the moon. More than 10 minutes in a negative downer turns a cycle into a phase and then if the phase continues, it can turn into a habit. Habits of sustained downers that are considered normal are quite indulgent for someone who has a target in mind. Success and self indulgent downers are not compatible.

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