Manage Yourself

Management is different to Leadership

At work, we too often confuse good management for good leadership.

When the Titanic sunk there was a ship with good management in fact “the best” systems on earth for a ship, but bloody aweful Leadership.

So you can be super spiritual, super nice, super on budget, super healthy and super loving and still hit an iceberg. Did you realise that?

So what would you define as management in your life and or leadership in your life, and business for that matter.

When I take people on vision quest to Nepal I hire Dawa, he’s Sherpa by culture and he is a great manager. He makes sure everyone is happy and safe today. He gets meals sorted, beds comfortable, blisters repaired and buys extra toilet paper if there’s an emergency. He can even discuss culture, mountains and traditions. His job, management is to make people comfortable and they love him for it.

I’m the leader, I subcontract management to Dawa. I don’t do any of it because management and leadership don’t go well together. Oil and water.

So what’s my job on a trip if I’ve sub contracted happiness to a manager?

1. Know the destination and how to get there with greater certainty than anyone on the trip.

2. Know a plan b with absolute certainty in case plan a goes pear shaped.

3. Know the people I’m leading in specific regard to capability (not their definition of it which is always under or over set)

4. To chunk down the destiny into bite size objectives (daily and if tough hourly) so I can communicate the expectation in realism and achievable steps.

5. To fire those who can’t keep up. This is my “coach em up or out process” and I’ll talk about it in another post.

So how much of your day is managing the Titanic?

Self Leadership – like my Nepal trips – guarantees what you do today to make you happy aligns with where you want to be, your destiny. That’s what a good coach can do, to separate self management and self leadership and guide you forward. Toward the latter.

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