I’ve come to Holland to bring my beautiful and courageous partner Lotte to her first three Olympic Qualifying Triathlon events.

There are a few things we can learn from this trip:

1. Over prepare. There is no such thing as too much preparation. If you can think it … prepare for it. (Lotte arrived a week before her first big race and can luckily afford some post travel recovery days just riding 3-5 hours easy each day to recover because she was so highly geared in the weeks before she left)

2. Time flies. When you are sitting back in the comfort of your office imagining things progressing steadily – think again. When you’re doing something important time shrinks and the things you need to do take twice as long as you thought. (We did a 3 hour ride yesterday, got lost and had a puncture, it ended up taking 5 hours and lucky we had that plan b already covered)

3. Be Self Sufficient. Bring your presentation files, printouts
(Luckily lotte and I have travelled allot so we brought all her 18kg of sports supplements, proteins and hydration powders with us. It saved huge valuable hours finding supply and compliant product)

4. Add in Downtime. It’s just so easy to say yes to everything – visits, meals, tours, friendly and more. Next thing you end with zero downtime and that spells trouble. (Already it seems every triathlon club, swim club, sports Physio and friends want time. And time is rushing toward June 2 event. Saying no has been hard but key)

5. Pay for It. Certain costs for travel are hidden. Like roaming charges or lost cables. Spend the money to repair or replace and include this contingency in your budget. (Astonishingly we spent significant money on bike preparation before we left Sydney but when we arrived had to do significant maintenance and there is no short cuts on race bike management – these things are like Ferrari cars)

With Spirit From Beautiful Holland.

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