Improve your horse

I’m in Netherlands – preparing with my partner who is in the Dutch Champs this weekend.

I saw a horse training centre as we drove down the freeway – and where I’ve seen the word stables on a horse centre before I’ve never seen such clear marketing as:


It got me thinking about you – my readers: what do you sell and is your marketing this clear?

You are a business – you sell something and get rewarded even if you are unemployed, which you are probably not.

At home you are a service delivered to a family – and you will be rewarded for it. You just best know what you are delivering. If it’s love you will be rewarded in real time with love or affection in return. No debt accrued

If it’s financial support then you will be compensated in gratitude.

But at work or at home if you want repayment through their loyalty, commitment and motivation to follow you to hell and back you must deal with people – give to them – in a different currency .

In my 30 day back on track program you will learn what will cause people to give you loyalty, commitment and motivation.

With Spirit


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