Protect Yourself

Imagine yourself in a small clearing with an avalanche of poison darts flying at you from all directions from obscured attackers in a jungle. You are under attack.

Now let’s label the sources:

Mental (emotional)

Obviously you need to protect yourself from this attack – the question is how:

Option 1. Live in some sort of religious or new age bubble

Well as anyone who has tried this will tell you, it doesn’t pricks in a bubble burst the entirety of it so this sort of strategy makes for depression, weakness and fear. Conclusion – doesn’t work. (Note here 70% of western people still trying to make it work using pills and medication).

Option 2. Fragment and Partition

No doubt you’ve tried this. Work – life balance is an example. Work to death 8am – 10pm then home to recover. Spend the weekend trying to make up for being an arsehole all week but the damage is done and there’s no other result than divorce or close to it. Partition can work for short term defended but leads to breakdown in personal, business and self relationships.

Option 3. GYST

I admit there are hundreds more options like opting out, meditation and other escape routes like alcohol and affairs. But I’m going to suggest that they all fit into either option 1 or 2 categories. The result of which is an early death.

So Option 3. Kill the Enemy

Those darts are coming at you from all directions from the enemy but did you consider that you are possibly the cause of there being an enemy in the first place? If you can eliminate the enemy there’s no need for protection.

A. Eliminate Worry
B. Be Thankful
C. Have Goals
D. Do Life Happily
E. Attract What You Want
F. Let Go Immediately

Like to know more?

Life Coaching is about continuous improvement – contact me when it’s time.

With Spirit


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