Why Are We Never Satisfied With Life?

611-7Growth rings of a tree explain why your VIP score keeps fluctuating. The closer you approximate your feelings to your 10/10 the higher your expectations of yourself and life become. Hence, growth is intended to keep you unhappy. It keeps you wanting. Nobody wakes up wanting less from life. More love, more happiness, more wealth, more calm, more friends, more fun, more done in less time. Nobody wants less of the good things in life and therefore, what is possible is always growing, This is called “THE EGO.” and it is why, in Eastern teachings they try to diminish the EGO as bad. The EGO is as key to happiness as is the emptiness of non ego. Just we need to know when to use them both. We can master them both so we have a big healthy ego that believes in our potential happiness, future satisfaction and growing love, and a big healthy non ego that believes in our satisfaction, love and happiness right now. We can have both acting symultaneously as the inner and the outer. There will always be expectations of better and more on the outside (emotions and thoughts) and there can always be satisfaction and love on the inside right now. This is Inner-wealth and Outer Wealth acting at once. A true gift of the Innerwealth Training and Life Coaching programmes in Mental Strength.

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