Sleep Your Way to the Top

It is a well known fact that if you can see before your sleep (mind’s eye) you will see it in your awake (real eye).

This is an opportunity for you to spend the last moments of the day creating the future of your dreams. I have practiced this many times and it is a highly developed skill to use. Sometimes I forget to practice it for a month and things don’t feel right before I remember to get back to it. Here’s the upshot of how to do it.

Lie flat on your back in bed. Be ready for sleep during or after this exercise. Lights are out and alarm etc ready for tomorrow. Say good night to all or any visitors.

Now start to speak to yourself in your mind’s eye about how strong, resilient, healthy and loving you are. Start to speak to yourself “you are strong, powerful and healthy” and enjoy repeating it.

Then, begin to see yourself climbing a mountain overcoming all challenges, all obstacles that transform into opportunities, see yourself moving toward your mountain summit. Once on top see your seven vision – goals, one for each area of life. Experience these one by one with bright colours and vivid senses of taste, touch, smell, sound and sight. Feel the experience of being on the summit of your mountain and experience the entire picture of the goals of your destiny. Allow yourself to fall into deep sleep.

Walker Seven Elements of Life Score Card


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