The Day I Just Couldn’t ….

Have you ever woken up and felt totally defeated before you even set foot out of bed? Gee, it’s hurtful. Sometimes I get up to go for a good morning bike ride and find myself defeated even before I leave the house.

I wonder about the predictability of such days, for example, if I were in the Olympics and this defeated day were my race day feelings, what would I do?

My check list is so far quite clumsy:

  1. DId I eat too much heavy food last night (often yes)
  2. Am I tired from training yesterday and therefore it’s a cardio thing (often yes)
  3. Is it a full moon or new moon (sometimes)
  4. if I had my choice would I prefer not to go (never)
  5. Am I comparing myself to someone and therefore feeling depressed (it happens)
  6. Did I have one too many wines last night (yes, once in a while but also on good days)
  7. Am i dehydrated (yes, always when I’m tired)
  8. Do I feel 100% well (often when defeated I also feel a bug)

My list is longer. And I will keep playing with the tuning of the instrument until I can be a bit more predictable in my efforts on the bike.

However, one variable I do know that really impacts my morning ride is a bad night sleep. Last night I go 10 hours sleep but it wasn’t a good quality. That happens in Bondi when there’s a public holiday next day (Melbourne Cup Day).

Most of the things that impact my day today happened yesterday.

In WAKE INSPIRED … that’s the whole message.

Go to bed with a clear head.

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