Roger Bannister broke the four minute mile in May, 1954. It had never been broken before that. Within 12 months more than 30 people broke it again. Barriers hold us. They are the placebo of the mind. A white pill, known to contain nothing but dust, will cure 80% of headaches. In Tibet, doctors visit patients in their homes and wear traditional, and quite spooky, uniforms to scare away bad spirits, their success rate in healing disease is higher than western medicine because beliefs can heal and cause results.

At Innerwealth a great individual is being the best version of themselves by creating beliefs that break barriers of their own making. The average person is in a prison of their own mindset and spends most of their life decorating the prison cell. Breakout, breaktrhough, means believing before seeing.

Here’s a great video on breaking 2 hours for the marathon.

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