Why a Personal Vision Statement is so Important

Everything important that you do well in your life rests on your vision statement.

Christopher Walker

From ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics on the sides of the Pyramids in Cairo, to the great texts written on banana leaves of the incredible Mahabharata of Hindu India, to the Dharma of Buddhism in it’s far roots of Sri Lanka and Christian, Moslem and Taoist scriptures, Your Vision of the future has been heralded as the hook from which the entire quality of your life hangs.

Nelson Mandela held his vision while in a dark prison, Victor Frankle held his in a Nazi Concentration camp, the stories of Jesus, Mohamed, Moses, and modern day hero’s like Martin Luther King and Mohamed Ali, Usain Bolt and President Barack Obama, Mother Teresa: are all testimonials to the power of a vision to bring a person through the scrapes and scratches of life, to the other side. 

But a vision is not written on paper. In my times living in traditional cultures, vision quests were rarely written down, in some ways, to write the vision was proof that it wasn’t a vision. More, a vision is a memory of the future burnt into the deepest recesses of the human mind.

Whether sent from God, delivered by a frog, invented from imagination or downloaded from the soul, a vision is beyond the words of human logic and without the primal drivers of fear or guilt. It is this separation from emotion that defines the real from the false vision.

Working with the traditional people of North America in Santa Fe I was introduced to vision setting in this deep way. We took medicine, smoked it, and I ended up in some level of hallucination that included quite disturbing eruptions from my stomach. For three days and nights I lost track of time and my first real vision setting was done. The most weird aspect of this is that I already knew this vision before the drama of drug fuelled vision process. However, the big shift was that through a community experience with mature leaders in First Nation practices, I was able to validate, authenticate and then communicate what I knew in my heart of hearts my whole life.

Vision is the cornerstone of all our life, especially when it comes time to make a change.

Christopher Walker

The only reason we resist change or struggle with mental or emotional health is because we can’t change our vision, or don’t know it. All relationship struggles start with lack of or lost vision. All physical and financial problems have their root in confused or compromised vision. One must know this because we can spend thousands of hours trying to solve the result of lost or unclaimed vision when the solution is most powerfully in our hands. To do a re-visioning process.

The process is not as harsh as those process I have used to learn vision setting for myself. In Nepal I sat in a freezing cave for weeks living on foods delivered by my attendant. I got it easy, my friend built a cabin and lived inside that cabin for 3 years, 3 months, 3 weeks, 3 days, 3 hours and was fed and supported through a small hole in the wall of that cabin through rain, storm and ice blizzard she sat, all for one purpose, in Tibetan meditation, to find vision.

In Zen, I sat looking at a blank wall for hundreds of hours, doing and feeling nothing, waiting for the stillness to experience my heart, and when I did, it was a vision. Always there, the noise of my emotions and life actions disrupted my hearing. This was intense.

And my years in study of yoga, moving my body into incredible pain and staying unafraid, breathing through it, “doing the practice until all is coming” my teacher would say with a wry smile. I never knew what “all” meant until a clarity started to emerge. 15 years of torture and “All” was what I already had when I started yoga, it was just buried beneath the rubble of the past.

I open hearts. That’s my work. Inside that heart is a vision. In that vision is a soul, a love, a truth that cannot be broken. It is not fixed like granite, it moves, adapts, reshapes itself with more clarity over time. I help people find vision, hold that vision, work to live that vision and in so doing I circumvent the need for people to live in caves, sit for hundreds of hours or even tolerate years and years of physical torture. Vision process is a journey and this is what I do for others since it made such a potent impact on my life and I discovered vision to be the single outcome of all religious and spiritual teaching. 

No vision, no life

Christopher Walker

I want to say to you that vision is sacred. When you discover what it means to have the power of your own vision you become more adaptable, you become more flexible and you become less inclined to compromise by giving your power away. You become motivated to action, stimulated to enjoy what you do as long as it links to your vision and you discover a most frightening reality.

We sabotage anything we can’t link to our vision….

Christopher Walker

I have worked with people from  all nations of the earth. I have seen devastation and aggression, abuse and self-abuse. I have witnessed heartbreak and suffering and I’ve been able to help many. The source of the pain is always lost vision, and the solution to empowerment and healing is a re-vision. Vision is never lost, it just becomes hidden in fog.

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