Energy and You

There are few cases of success which have not resulted from mastery of faculty and mind. Nature reminds us of the laws of success. Trees send branches and roots in search of sun and water, continually questing for better vantage, sending roots for support and water. It’s an attractive force that binds us all. This force is life force, and there is no place on this earth where it is not found. It is the force of motion in molecule and quark, it is in the water we drink, the food we eat and the air we breathe. Not a single atom nor a chemical can exist without it.

Chris Walker

The entirety of Self-Leadership in a nutshell.

You can spin around in a wonderful dance – making changes to your life by borrowing information from others, or even imitating them. You can borrow from books or even listen to a preacher or leader who may eventually be found wanting because they are human. Or, you can follow these four foundational pillars:

  • Build Your Energy
  • Store Your Energy
  • Stop Waste of Energy
  • Direct Your Energy

Build Your Energy

Mindset impacts everything (thoughts). Some build energy, some kill it. Building energy means “looking forward to” and this can be “a back rub” in 10 minutes time, or “a purpose greater than you” for a lifetime. Build your energy means associating what you are about to do, (including what you are doing) with what you would love to be doing. This is called “linking” and it is the key to happiness, gratitude and enthusiasm. You can become very very good at “spinning stories” to make life and work a continual positive feedback system. A perpetual positive feedback loop built into your mindset creates perpetual gratitude – the first and highest emotional state of life.

Store Your Energy

Self worth is so often mistaken with self esteem One pumps you up and down with the circumstances of your life, while the other sustains a constant sense of value and kindness toward others. Self worth, seeing and respecting that you are no better or worse than anyone else, that nothing in life comes from you only through you (including your children) and that taking credit will also mean you become addicted to blaming others to fend off the credit, blame paradox. To store energy you will need to have a strong sense of self, greater than your words, attachments and actions. Soul, is not peaceful.

Stop Loss of Your Energy

If I write all of what goes here, I will be here to eternity. When we do not know how to store energy, we consciously spend it on rubbish. Excess Food, substance addiction, greed, righteousness, blame, sexuality, escapism, meditation and spirituality (yoga included) can be ways of spending energy that could otherwise be spent to cause what we love to cause. A vision is the key ingredient here, one that engages the future from the soul.

Directing Energy

Causing something greater than a pleasure is a turning point in our lives. When we seek pleasure as our primary life pursuit we become terrorists, judgemental and brittle to life. Understanding your goals, hopes, dreams and results in the language of “balanced” vision, is such a key to a good life and can become the difference between a regret and a good quality of life.

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