Inspired Thinking

We are what we think. You’ve heard it, practiced it and probably forgotten it. We are what we think. Donald Trump is just a guy who thinks global, thinks he’s good enough to be president of the most powerful country on earth, and, like him or not, he is what he thinks.

What I’ve demonstrated over the past 35 years of coaching business and individuals alike is that Inspired thinking always “trumps” emotional reactive thinking in the long term. Emotionally motivated thinking looks louder and more aggressive, but it’s unsustainable and in the medium to long term, inspired thinking wins hands down.

What is “inspired thinking” and how do you achieve it?

Inspired thinking is any thought that gets you what you want. Emotional thinking is what feels good or right at the time. Hence, the ability to act rather than react is at the heart of Inspired Thinking.

To think inspired:

  • Know what you want in all seven areas of life (Your VIP)
  • Know what thinking will cause it in all seven areas of life
  • Process any thinking that doesn’t get you what you want
  • Think the thoughts that get you what you want.

Getting What You Want In Life…. or In other words “Happiness”

When we think that we are getting what we want in life, even before it arrives, we feel good, this feeling is called, “happiness.” When we think that we are not getting what we want in life, even before we don’t get it, we feel bad, this is called, unhappiness.

Some Examples:

  • When you go on a date with your special significant other, you want to be attractive, you want them to feel attracted, you want to build romance and you’d love to end up, cuddling at the end of the night… That’s probably what most of us want on a date. So, what thinking will get you what you want… We call it the Relationship mindset and it’s very different from a business mindset.
  • When you go to work and you want to have a healthy workplace, You want to make sales and service customers. Maybe you don’t care, and just really want more pay for less hours. Whatever it is you want, it’s wise to know it and choose your thoughts accordingly.
  • As an athlete, you’ll know that your inner dialogue with yourself will surface when the going gets tough. When the pain mounts and the acidity of your body rises, so too do the chemicals that are created by nature to protect your body from damage and those chemicals have only one message “Slow DOWN” or “STOP.” The athlete who trains and responds to these messages might remain injury free, but in the heat of battle, that same voice will cause uncertainty, which takes the form of an inner battle between what we think and getting what we want. An inner war, terrorism within our own human heart. So, an athlete must learn the mindset of a winner.
  • Being a parent is a big job. One can take it as a profound gift, or, if the thoughts are not inspired thoughts, it can be a nightmare of self-sacrifice and emotional pain. We get the choice. Knowing what we want as a parent and what thoughts will cause it, puts us at ease. The parenting mindset is the key here.

The Role of Self Talk

On one of my first business trips into the depths of Asia, I was sent to negotiate a massive contract. Young and influenceable, the host with whom I was negotiating invited me to dinner, plied me with alcohol and had two beautiful women sit next to me who spent the evening telling me just how amazing I was, how handsome, how tall, how wonderful eyes I had. Puffed up like a Zeppelin I strode into the negotiations like a complete wood duck, (idiot) and got completely shafted. When self talk is weak, we seek the voices of others to create it. If your thoughts are not consciously chosen, then, like a wood duck, we wait for the wind to blow a thought into our mind, good or bad, and this becomes us.

The Role of a Coach

Weakness is a habit. The voice in our head can be a bad one made strong by weak people. A weak, submissive, commercially driven coach will tell you what you want to hear. They will bend to your existing self talk and therefore strengthen an already inappropriate self-dialogue. I belief that one of the most powerful roles of a mind coach, a success coach or a sport coach is to speak the talk that will eventually become the self talk that will get you what you want. The athlete with a coach who says “ok, you don’t feel up to it today” is creating a meme, a memory that will repeat itself mid race. The business coach who gets caught up in office politics, or the life coach who listens to stories and therefore reinforces them, is actually causing more harm than they undo.

Inspired Thinking

At the level of inspired thinking we affirm that “nothing comes from you, only though you” hence, all thinking about thinking, trying to get it right, makes for a polarity which must, eventually breed its opposite. If nothing comes from you only through you, then we must invest in what makes us open to receiving and broadcasting inspired thoughts.

But before any of that happens. ‘we need to know what we want”

The next steps are obvious.

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