Nature of Happiness (reposted)

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The one thing I believe all humans crave is a sense of belonging. Sometimes we search for it in peers and validation, sometimes in job statuses and titles, oftentimes in money or material possessions. And if all that fails, sometimes in substances that numb the very longing we crave. I believe we all can find a sense of belonging in nature- it’s where we come from, this animal kingdom- and as humans, the specific environment will vary greatly case by case. But if we try, I do believe we will find certain natural places that create a sense of enchantment and a sense of self. The more we can spend time in our own special places, the more we will get a sense of clarity, inspiration and inner peace. We all belong. -and we are all a part of nature. Though it will be different for all of us, that’s the very point- we are as diverse as every landscape and every environment and the more we learn to honor these places, the more we honor who we really are.