You mess with my heart I have zero tolerance. I will eat you alive.

You abuse a human trust I with rip at your soul.

Do not ask me to be passive, yogi , permissive. If you are a terrorist to humanity I will not lie down for the sake of money and let you be,

Yes, you are mostly women. Vindictive against your sister – old – too old – lost on men – lost your youth, angry, imbalanced, down trying to be a “good mum”- not in my eyes.

And gutless, come to me fessing you’ve fucked up, I won’t make it good, I’ll kick your balks and help you make good.

If you come to me to improve your life, be ready to own responsibility for fucking it up. And be ready to own it. Otherwise you’ll just hate me now and realise the truth later.

Love is not passive

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