I hate stories. And yet, life is little more.

Ou stories define us. We are the sum of our stories. Our self belief, really it’s just a story. The winner wins and the loser loses because of their self belief, stories.

What’s your story?

Is it filled with uppers and downers, victims, aggressors, blame and boxes filled with people you don’t want to chill out with? Those stories are the root of unhappiness and no matter what self belief they cause, unhappiness always destroy a self belief filled with stories of victims and embalmed, excuses and regret.

Sustainable stories are not entertaining. They lack hero’s and victims, damsels in distress and heroines who brave all. In other words good stories to build inner wealth strength, are based.on love not emotion.

Try it! Tell your story without emotion – “it was a good/bad day when I got married. I like/dislike my partner. I was healthy/sick all my life. I had pleasure/pain like everyone else… bored yet?

A good solid story stands the test of time. Does yours? If not, in order to take the drama out of your life, consider re telling your story. It’s liberating and freeing. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that it’s the most powerful thing you can do in self awareness.

Cheers now


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