Four Great Questions Successful People Ask Themselves

Winner or loser, the options are there for you. If you wish to increase your odds of the former, then it’s wise to do what winners do… the path is well trodden, you don’t have to invent the wheel. Simply, it’s wise to do what winners do. The single most important common element of winning mindset is the commitment to an ever adapting answer to these four powerful questions.

Where did I come from?

Often overlooked, your history needs to be a review and improve progression story of events. achievements, failures and learning experiences that add, in a single line, to the place you’re at now. Holidays, calamities, success’, achievements, challenges, disappointments and hardships must all add to a single result, you today. If there is unfinished and therefore unpolished events in your past it’s wise to re-evaluate.

Why are You Here?

Simplicity in life is really fun. I’m here to take another breath and earn a few dollars on the way. But answers like this show a walking dead mind. Consider answers like to achieve my potential. To give the most I can. To Change the World or save children. Profound answers to this question create motivations that are inspired and sustainable. Go on, do it, give yourself a sense of purpose.

Who are You?

The peeling of an onion takes the same process as the answer to this question. “I’m a female” or “I’m a mum” come easily as simplified non descript answers that push away the deeper and more inspiring metaphysics of life. Answer this strongly and you’ll feel an energy swelling inside yourself that could really help you live long and happy.

Where are You Going?

To the bathroom? Or I’m going to build a global resource for nature based human development? Which answer engages investment, engages trust, supersedes the temptations of diversions? Which answer will draw people to you and which answer gets you out of bed in the morning? Find this, you’ll love it. It’s the human heart inspired.

The person at the top of the mountain didn’t fall there….

Chris via someone….

Achievement doesn’t happen by accident. It happens by real effort and focussed process. I’m introducing you to success mindset and process day by day, post by post. Please share, it’s a really great gift for those who are wrestling with stress at any level of life.

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