How Success Really Works

Success is what we want. Even meditators want to be successful at it. Sport stars strive for it and business people work for it. Parents hope for it and students study for it. In relationship we romance each other to achieve it. Success is our mission and yet, what we each call successful is a very different thing.

One person might say “I made $100,000 this year” and call it a successful year while another might define success as a capital gain of $1,000,000 after tax. To one couple success might be having a child while to another it might be renovating the house. It’s such a nebulous outcome and yet, we all do have our definitions and they are all good.

But success might also mean doing damage to others. Such as successfully stopping the boats with refugees, successful in terrorist acts or success in quietening down children by dampening their spirit. Success can also mean short term gains that come as long term losses like my neighbour who will spend the next eight years in jail for money laundering.

We do know a lot about success.

  1. If we can’t see it, we can’t be it. We know that if a basketball player can’t visualise the trajectory of a basketball, it will not be likely that the throw from courtside will land in the hoop. We know that if a downhill skier can’t visualise the run, they will not make it down. We know that if a person cannot see themselves in a loving trustable relationship without violence and pain, they will not manifest it. So, with all business, sport and personal success, the first step is the mastery of visualisation. Try this: with eyes open visualise a cloud in front of your face, Rotate it left, then right, then upside down and back. Now change its colour to black and white and then blue, then yellow, then green and finally red. Now, tap a note on a piano. With your eyes open repeat the note in your mind, hear it feel it. Raise the volumn and then lower it. Now visualise a scent of a rose, deepen it, raise it, fade it, increase it. This is the beginning of a life long practice of visualisation essential for success at the highest levels. Can you visualise yourself achieving your visions?
  2. If we can’t speak it we can’t translate it. Affirmations have a bad reputation but they fill the successful person’s mind 24/7 whether by accident or by choice. Self talk is considered the new frontier of mind power and neuroplasticity is the study of it.
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