Life Coaching for Busy People




For many years we defined being our best as delivering results at any human cost. Families were divided, mental and physical health wasn’t great and there was a lot of anger around. It’s time to change all that. I will inspire you to new heights of your potential by working with you one on one to see what you need, want and remove blocks.

Some topics from the program…

  • Wake inspired
  • Helicopter mindset
  • Body Mind awareness
  • Be in Your Element
  • Mindset for Success
  • Emotional Showers
  • Your Ground Zero
  • Self-Leadership
  • Handling Conflict
  • Future Seeing
  • Beyond Fear and Anger
  • Personal Harmony
  • The Power Hour
  • Mental Strength
  • Vision, Inspiration, Purpose
  • Unconditional love
  • Measure your life
  • Internal Compass
  • Inspiration over motivation
  • Healing self and other
  • Conscious Communication
  • Self Talk – change your mind

Learning Materials

  • Video (youtube)
  • Audio (Soundcloud and iTunes)
  • Ebooks (Issu)
  • Articles (Blog)

Making the learning interesting

I’ve taken 30 groups to the Himalayas. 56 trips up the mountains of the Himalayas. It’s my second home.

In the mountains, the secrets of happiness, success, fulfillment and human nature become transparent.

In this amazing urban retreat over 30 days, I would love to share a virtual trek in the Himalayas, with all the associated learnings thrown in.

Objective: The whole idea of the 30 Day Challenge is to give people the tools to keep their lives on track to the summit and get the best out of life in the shortest possible period of time.

Preparation: I believe that people get off track, lose their sense of purpose, feel unfulfilled or depressed because their life is somehow out of balance. 

History: Back in 1920 CJ Coffmann wrote about the phases of life change which was heralded as a breakthrough in understanding human behaviour at the time and has since become the foundation of in clinical psychology. I’ve taken this thinking and reinterpreted it for the modern day and based on my 35 years of guiding people up mountains and in real life. I’ve evolved these elements of the journey and connected them back to work, life and love.

• Lightening the Pack: We carry so much stress and unresolved memories they begin to weigh us down Using skills I’ll share, you’ll achieve a wonderful emotional clearing and rebalancing that’ll feel lighter and help your journey.

• Stamina and Strength: It doesn’t take a super hero to get to the top but it does require resilience and the ability to handle environmental and physical challenge. We’ll check your diet, training and exercise routine to make sure you’re not going to get distracted by physical limitations.

• Environment: What you wear, the tools, equipment and the way you interact with your environment will be the make a break of your success in all aspects of life, as it is in trekking. I’ll show you how to work with what you’ve got and have it work for you.

• Mental Strength: No program that addresses the total human package would be complete without mental strength training. Here, together, we unpack what it’s going to take to create super human mental strength and then apply it to your everyday life. Great changes here.

• Vision: The person at the top of the mountain didn’t fall there. Neither will you. So we need to spend some time working on the big WHY, the where, the who and the what of a vision so you know, where you want to go and can communicate that to both your own subconscious, and the interest of investors (family and work colleagues) this is called leadership training.

• Self-Talk: When the shit hits the fan, and it always does, you’re going to be having a conversation with yourself. That conversation is going to either make or break you. So we need to tune that up, evolve it, clear the cobwebs if there are any and start to help you think pink instead of think stink.

• Results: Words are words, thoughts are thoughts, idea are ideas, but results are the only reality. We don’t want to fall, but we also need to stretch ourselves outside our comfort zone. This you’ll do, with a smile on the dial.

What’s it take to do the Spirit of The Mountains – 30 Day Challenge?

If I asked you to score yourself on a 1 – 10 against each of the 7 areas of life (where 10 is blissfully happy and content and 1 is suicidally depressed) how would this look? 

So your ‘VIP’ score would be the total of the seven scores. What is it? Interesting. Now the questions is: “Are you happy with that?” If yes, then stop wasting time and get out and go make some love or money. If not, read on….

The normal reaction for people with low scores (below 5) in any area of life is to fix these areas of life by making changes, focussing on them. For example, if Fred was down in career, she might turn to the boss for some advice. Down in health, she might end up at a gym or personal trainer. Mentally down she might start meditating, and so on.

All of those focussed responses will be an eventual heartbreaking distraction because focussed problem solving fixes one aspect, (its score grows) but another shrinks. Fred is unfulfilled at work so she decides to drive harder but as a result, her family and love-life suffers. Or if her finances were struggling she might start worrying about money and ignore her health. This is how 99% of people function, fixing one thing, and undoing the balance in another. Their overall VIP score doesn’t change, it simply changes shape. Old problems might go away, but new ones appear. 

Have you seen this happen to anyone you know?

In this 30 Day Program you’ll have two basic goals;

  1. Firstly, you’ll want to achieve balance across all the 7 areas of life. That means you’re ready to trek.
  2. Second, to increase your overall ‘VIP’ score, which means you journey forward with more confidence and clarity.

This 30 day REBOOT works for teams and for individuals.

But lets be really serious for a moment. At the worst end of things, depression, divorce, financial breakdown, emotional trauma, mental health problems and illness are all long term consequences of fix one, screw up another. So we’re really combating an epidemic here, not just a few “needy” problems. This fixes a huge chunk of our social and corporate disengagement, so you can take it and share it when you’re done..

Learning “Spirit of the Mountain” is fun, and it fixes issues immediately but it is also a preventative and a maintenance program. Because it sets up skills to stop troubles and stress before they happen.

Ultimately, the unique feature of Back on track is that you not only get back on track in a sustainable healthy way but you learn a process for catching potentially low scores early for the future.. it means you can regulate your life balance and not be caught with your pants down in the future.

What do you think? Does it resonate with you? Do you know anyone who you think might benefit from this?

Plus, you get 14 Hours of one on one time with me:

  • Qualified – MBA, BE, Yoga, Zen, Meditation, Human Development, author of 30 books on Inspired Thinking by nature, athlete, partner, father and friend.
  • Experienced – lived the life, divorced, success, failure, win and lose, trial and error.
  • Real – accountability, tough, no bull,
  • Objectivity – Not influenced by anything other than what’s best for you 
  • Relativity – (compared to others of the same age/similar situations)
  • Discretion – Saves you face. Keeps your journey away from the family and work colleagues.
  • Committed Professionally and personally
  • Be there and have your back 
  • Better decisions, calmer mind, a toolkit for business, turnaround domestic challenges, reconnect to health lifestyle, evolve your self-leadership, reboot your nervous system, diet, health and wellness.
  • The company will profit and probably pay for it in the long term and you’ll get that promotion you deserve (or new job).