Your Mind – the New Wifi

How do you think the Egyptians built the pyramids? I mean what’s your explanation for someone doing something 4020 years before now that the machinery we have now, can’t do…

They’ve worked out that 4 of the Pyramids were not able to be built by people pulling over 4 million near perfect rocks the size of a small house, weighing many tonnes, up a ramp. And those that worked there were not slaves. And that the pictures on the walls prove they are not purpose built tombs as we were led to believe as children at school.

They’ve also found 3 guys carrying gifts to a baby in a stable, drawn 2000 bc. So, maybe we’re not as smart as we think even though we’ve landed on the moon and created wifi. Maybe the wifi existed already.

In personal magnetism, the mind is a receiving and broadcasting antenna. The mouth is the garbage disposal system. The mind does it’s best work when the mouth stops moving and the wifi system does the talking. Even had the phone ring when you were thinking of someone?

Your every thought creates a bank account of inevitable result. It, your mind, is transmitting 24/7, and that means that those angry thoughts are going through the walls, into the kid’s rooms, into your partner’s heart and across the ocean. The Cosmic Wifi.

With funk or a hangover or even a flu, your thoughts become like a station on the radio that’s out of tune. The crackle of being not on the right station or out of range of the antenna.

Your mind, when focused is like the call of the lion in the jungle. Sending chills down peoples spine and attracting what it focusses on. Do you have your vision clear? Do you focus on it daily? Do you manage the funk so it doesn’t fog your station?

If not, you’re losing some valuable mind power and missing opportunities.