Future Seeing #2 Tapping the Sub-Conscious Mind

An animal, bred in captivity, will, if released back into the wild, do some extraordinary things that it has never ever witnessed. A beaver may build a home for winter, a squirrel store food for the “off season” a bird fly south and my own special doggy, Shanti, will bury itself beneath all things possible when thunder demonstrates the danger of lightning. Animals operate from these instinct and yet we cannot say it is hereditary. We can only assume that somehow nature is taking care of its own. 99% of specie are gone from this earth but while they were here they were taken care of and when it was time to go, they were released. Instinct therefore is a part of invention. If there were the first ever bee on earth it would not have any ancestral blood to give it instinctive knowledge, but it would be directed to store food in the form of honey and make it’s storehouse of six sided cells to optimise storage capacity in the space that would keep the food safe in the smallest possible space. The inventive genius of the bee was imparted to it by the sub-conscious mind, and this is what we must discover for ourselves.

The subconscious mind is a sea that directs the bee. The bee is on the outskirts of it. The human mind alone is the in the sea and the sea is the human mind;

Invention and Instinct

Evidence of the existence of this subconscious mind or the third layer of thought, is everywhere accumulating. More than this, everywhere we turn our investigations we find proof of the universal nature of this layer. It is not the Individual. This must for many people who want to individualise and identify with their inventions, come as a shock. Even disappointment.

The animal kingdom when left to care for themselves, will have the support of this universal power. None is denied. The human family receives it only when the perpetuity of the race demands it. What is called marital love is one of its operations: the drawing together of the sexes in an irresistible force for a time, but that ceases after its usefulness is over then parental love, not only in the human family, but everywhere, takes over. This love, espccialy of the mother for the child is so strong that she is ready at all times to lay down her life to save that of her offspring.

All instinct is subconscous

But the subconscious manifests itself in many other ways. It is a sea of communication on which sails many a strong vessel and over which is rolled many a strange message.

Moving Forward

Think of the first layer of thought as one that receives passing information only, and discards it as soon as used.

Think of the second layer as the storehouse of memory but which all human conduct is guided and all experience made profitable.

Think of the third layer as a sea in which the mind dwells in its subway, and which flows around the globe.

The first two layers are individual. that is, they belong to you as yours alone. The third layer is a common domain, a boundless ocean that brings its freight to your mind, and that you know very little about. Values come and go, and only the deep thinker, the inventor, the genius catches occasional glimpses of them, and secures once in a while a prize.

We are ready to let the subconscious through us when we are ready. And never before.


Artist, musician, business person, poet, writer, singer, athlete must prepare to accept the power of the subconscious mind by learning how to “be alone.” Sometimes for weeks, usually for hours, without interruptions. It is only through this isolation where the subconscious is allowed to surface that we can have an even small taste of it. Interruptions bring the mind back to the surface and yet, in some of the most intelligent business’ on earth, open plan offices are designed for all the wrong reasons, stifling creativity. Interruptions are also gleaned as an essential part of business and art life with mobile phone and easy access to privacy. To be alone, to allow the mind to pass from its work-day layers down into the universal sea, is the secret.