Future Seeing – Tapping the Sub-Mind – Night Thoughts

We have known for centuries that most difficulties will settle themselves during sleep and intuitions will become stronger (we say “Sleep on It” in order to resolve uncertainties). Problems of work, business are settled during sleep. Worry and excitement are from the second layer of mind. For this reason let your sleep be entered calmly. Calmness is a habit. Any person can cultivate it easily once the willpower is bought to bear on it.

My experience of deep calm sleep includes:

  • No food within 3 hours of sleep
  • No liquids before sleep
  • Turn off digital imagery 2 hours before sleep (phone, computer, TV, iPad, iPod, ipoo, and microwave ovens)
  • Remove digital watch (i know it’s hard)
  • Do total recall of gratitude before sleep
  • Be in a individual sleeping space (bed big enough and separate blankets and doona) men sleep 10 degrees hotter than women so women usually need more warmth at night)
  • Plan tomorrow to be enthusiastic about it before sleep
  • Do not go to bed in a state of anger – or stimulation from the day gone past.

In the Innerwealth 30 Day Coaching Challenge we introduced you to the teachings of last thoughts at night just before falling asleep in order to bring the sub-mind into activity whole the ordinary mind slept. So successful have been the results of this method of using that I will repeat it here for clarity.

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