Future Seeing – Tapping into “The Ocean of Sub-Mind” – What is My Purpose?

In my lucky life I have been blessed to celebrate vision quest ceremonies all over the world. With First Nation Canadians on Hornby Island, to Souix of Santa Fe, to Mexico, Sherpa, Tibetan, Indian, Bhutanese and more… There is one thing all these ceremonies have in common: the need to exit the first and second layers of mind and in doing so, enter the third layer, the sub-mind, the universal sea of thought.

When you ask me “what is my purpose” I must enter this sub-mind to discover it for you, or take you to your sub-mind to explore it for yourself. This is a choice. But how many people know how to get past the distractions that keep them from the sub-mind? The average person cannot get past the first layer.

The first layer responds to emotion. It is reactive. If someone is sick, we grieve, if someone is happy, we celebrate. Hence the first layer of the mind is distracted. Always distractions.

There was a recent study done that showed that we are, as a population losing the ability to sit without distraction. In this study it showed high thinking people in offices either welcomed distractions each 2 minutes or caused them. This means that people even those paid to innovate, are mostly operating at the first layer of thought and therefore not innovating at all, but rather mimicking what has already been done.

In vision quest there is often a process to transcend these distractions. Hallucinogenic drugs, trance dance, drumming and in a “sundance” – pain. All for a singular purpose and that is to take the participant down through the first and second layers of thought and into the sub-conscious, the universal sea. I am not so sure that my all clients would subscribe to such experiences. But many have.

One such process I have used is a modified sweat lodge. This is not a copy of the traditional sweat lodge but seeks to create the same benefit of causing participants to get past distraction and into the sub-mind for the purpose of visioning.

Another process is the journey to Nepal Himalayas where a combination of altitude, physical challenge and awe create the perfect environment for visioning. The mountain environment is a transcendental one, transcending the first two layers of thought.

To a client who was not so keen to enter this transcendental arena I was asked to help them create vision and purpose. I went to the sub-mind and drew from it their future and purpose of it. But they were not happy with what I saw. They wanted to change it, didn’t agree with it which is their privilege in the first and second layers of thought, but cannot be so in the third. Whether I or they go to the third layer, the vision written and prescribed for them is the same, it’s written.

If we look at the history of humanity we see that there has been, since the beginning of time and constant upgrade, a road that leads from down below to up and will continue to rise up. The future is upward. And a part of this upward road to the future is the ability to enter and absorb the information of the sub-mind, the third layer.

To practice, see how long you can do something, anything, without distraction. The long you do this, the more likely it is that you will enter and work from, the sub mind.

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