Future Seeing – Tapping into “The Ocean of the Third Layer” The Universal Sea – Avoiding Mistakes and Getting Beyond Regret.

The desire for knowledge of the future is the strongest motive in human life.

Those who invest in the stock market could, with knowledge of the future, turn $1 into a $billion in a very short time. Weak investors seek to guess what is coming: strong ones make the market.

Fear of the future is the cause of much distress and worry. It is, in fact, true that people worry more about what will happen next month than life after death. The lack of food or shelter more worries us than the dread of death. Religion never sits well on an empty stomach.

In business, society, in professions, in all relationships of life on earth, there is a yearning for knowledge of what’s ahead. If there was no law to prevent it, millions of sooth sayers and fortune tellers would fill our email, and block our streets. It is an easy business because people are easy pray for an easy way to tell of their future.


The wise individual will often say “if I had my life to live over again I would not make the same mistakes.” In other words, “if I’d known what was coming I would have made different choices or been more prepared.” But the past is dead, and the future is hidden, so there can be no remedy for those mistakes.

Earthly existence is paved with regrets.

  • More than half the partnerships of the world are regretted.
  • Ninety percent of investments are regretted
  • Ninety five percent of all marriages are regretted
  • Wasted years in the wrong career are regretted

All the mistakes that fill each personal history might have been avoid if only time had been taken to study the future and to have learned its meaning.

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