Future Seeing – Our Greatest Faculty – THE FUTURE

As every thinking man and woman is eagerly scanning the horizon that gives clues to the future, and as the only true knowledge is of the future, it follows that this study is the most useful and the most important study in life. There is no other study in which so many people are engaged and have been doing so since the beginning of time. It is a universal hunt. All humanity either worries about the future or is building hopes on it. All faces are turned to the front.

This is an instrumental oversight in the study of mental and physical health. The knowledge of the future holds the key. And certainly creates an antidote to the pains of the past.

We conclude:

  1. Future seeing is the most vital and the most essential faculty in human ife. It is a faculty that should be cultivated by all.
  2. Nature intends this faculty to be increased and made more useful , and this is proved by the fact that she herself imparts its benefits to all forms of life below human that are left to care for themselves.
  3. Nature plants the desire for knowledge of the future in every human mind and where people have acted on its impulses they have outstripped all others in the race of success. Sport, business and life.
  4. Future seeing takes rank above all other studies and above all other forms of human effort, above all other powers tat raise men to higher planes, and above al other faculties with which the mind is capable.
  5. There is no line of education that can compare with it in the value of its results. It stands far and away above and beyond all other considerations reach out, into the coming years and beyond the grave into eternity.