Future Seeing – Using the Subconscious Mind for Absorption

Absorption comes through the sub mind. You must be ready to fall asleep at night soon after reading this blog. Do this as stated here and you will be shocked and amazed at the results.

Only one blog post can be absorbed at a time.

Have this blog beside your bed, print or use your kindle reader to read it and then lay the blog aside near the bed. Keep your thoughts on what you’ve read and fall to sleep trying to understand its meaning. Your last thoughts before you sleep will be on that blog. The result is that its ideals will pass through your sub in, as that is the only way that sleep enters the realm of the consciousness.

On the same principle, a prayer that is thought, felt and projected from the mind in the last moments just before sleep, will grow from the sub-mind, and secure itself in the actions of the conscious mind the next day.

Intense praying, urgent requests in the last moments before sleep are always fruitful. On the other hand chanting Hindu scriptures or Sanskrit poems which have no direct baring on a life in the hope that the vibration alone of unknown meaning words will be fruitless and a waste, more likely to scatter the mind rather than encourage it.

The first reading of the blog post is a scan done with the first layer of the mind, it has emotional intent.

The second reading of the blog can be more focussed on memorising and understanding of the text, this is the second layer.

The third reading, just before sleep, is absorption and is the third layer. It comes from allowing the writer’s intent to move from the page.

The fourth reading comes in the morning. It links second and third layer reading. The sub mind with the memory.

Please remember that all genius minds have through natural progression, learnt to do what I’m describing here. They have absorbed at night and remembered in the morning as a continuous learning and deep penetration of the universal sea.

Absorb the lessons of this work each night before sleep.

Then, with only one book, the Innerwealth work, you will penetrate rather than skim the surface of life and mind.