5 Things YOU MUST LEARN TO CHANGE TO BE A SUCCESS – A Video You Really just Can’t Afford to miss

Ok, we’ve spoken over and over about VIP – Your Vision, Inspiration and Purpose and if you don’t get it by now, well banging my head against a brick wall is only going to damage my brain. So, either get a vision or go join the 95% of people who die young, with regret and a pocket full of unused potential. Sad result.

We’ve also spoken about dreams. Dream big. The Helicopter mindset. Well if you can’t see by now that small thinking creates big problems from small topics you’ll be seriously wise to step back and turn off this blog forever. This is rule 2 of life, step back and see the big picture, disengage, disconnect and see the view from the moon. It’s friggin beautiful up here.

Third, well, maybe I’ve said it in a different way but “don’t listen to advice you didn’t ask for or wouldn’t pay for…” in other words, positive or negative opinions aren’t worth the paper they are written on… remember this… never hear no.

Fourth, Work your arse off. I was interviewed by Success Magazine a bunch of years ago and after the interview the very attractive reporter took me for drinks. It was in that drink session with her that my real story came out and that’s what she published with the headline “I worked my little butt off” – well at the time it was a bad shock but now, I’m proud to have said it because if you think a nice balanced happy family and success go hand in hand you might be in for a shock. Balance isn’t about time management it’s about quality of time management.

Finally, have a purpose greater than you… how else to get out of analysis paralysis and move to inspiration over motivation. Make service to others your inspiration. How best to speak all this? I’ll let Arni do it for me…