For many years, our humanity has cared about the environment. Of course, the hunt for industrialisation and commerce has often over ridden that care, and we’ve made a huge mess in the air, water and land from the careless pursuit of a goal without consideration of the impact it may have on the earth, and people on it.

But this air pollution, water pollution and land erosion pales in significance compared to what we’ve done to each other from the very same blind pursuit of goals. Wars, violence, ethnic cleansing, sale of drugs and rape are extreme examples of pollution on a human scale that’s beyond the reach of our mind. We have learnt from the past and are doing all we can to stop this pollution, as we have also done to environmental pollution.

But this humanitarian pollution pales in significance compared to what we do to ourselves and families from the same very blind pursuit of goals. Stress, anger, hate, mental health, obesity, judgement, criticism, discouragement and the killing of the human spirit are just a few of the consequences of a blind drive for what we want. This latter pollution is the worst of all three. It kills more people than all the others combined. It damages more of the environment than all of the others combined. It is by far the cause of the greatest cost on earth.

What are we doing about these pollutions? Well, it is a beautiful thing to see people caring about these matters and even China and some of the worst polluters on the planet looking to reduce the use of fossil fuels, conserve natural habitat and make clean the waters that were once a living toilet. Humanity is reaching out to those of third world economies and endeavouring to rescue those in hardship. But so much more can be done. It is still a crime to see children in any country starve or be left without education. It still hurts to know thousands of children under the age of 6 are sold as sex slaves by the black market Russian and Eastern European traders who seem to be immune from law. So much more needs to be done and progress is slow, but, there’s action and we need to be thankful for that.

However, the pollution i gave up my career in business to fight, still remains untouched. The blind pursuit of goals in domestic and personal life by privileged families, remains untouched. While these very same families attend religious ceremonies and go to yoga and meditation, the rate of mental health issues, unhappiness and pharmaceutical solutions to life rises. It is an urgent call to action. I personally believe that the first two pollutions, environmental and humanitarian pollutions and driven by the third.

It is time for change.

We are the environment we create. How we treat ourselves and each other when things go wrong. What we do and how we think make a foundational change in the baseline of the world. How we work, think, care… in other words, the INNER ENVIRONMENT – creates and manages the outer. This is the New Work, and we can, if we choose, lead that change.

For many years philosophers and theologians have debated the nature of a human being. They’ve argued this way and that. From this exploration has evolved theories about being a great version of ourselves and from this, self help and more. For many the solution is escape and not support the mass of ignorance, but I feel this intensifies the concentration of the problem and gives it more power just as taking a good rat out of a rat cage makes the cage more dangerous, so, i doubt the solution is in the isolation of sea change or green change. Moreover, i believe that we need to heal ourselves and test that healing by living in the true pollution and helping others deal with it.

Anger, greed, jealousy, fear, guilt, shame, blame, envy, hate – these are the deepest pollutants and there are more, mostly inherited, many are subconscious, that must be diminished in order to start to clean the greatest pollution the world has ever witnessed, the one that’s actually getting worse, it is time to become a mobile example of what is possible. A clean inner environment.

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