Chris Walker

You are your own healer. Don’t be misled to think anybody can do this for you.

Become your own healer by taking the following indications into your lifestyle.

Become the power you seek and forever be acknowledging the universal forces and the power you have been gifted with.

Christopher Walker

The hallmark of great self healing is;

  • You carry magnetic hope, inspiration and courage
  • You carry no depressing influences
  • Personal interest in your cellular self
  • Give yourself adequate me time
  • You have personal interest in your energy and innerwealth
  • You concentrate psychic will to heal with psychic power (Will and Imagination)
  • Arouse in yourself your own psychic power (visualisation)
  • You improve your personal magnetism by instilling thoughts and actions that work
  • You groom your body and mind for psychic power
  • Identify that blood is life
  • Accept that Drugs are just stepping stones to real healing
  • Soul is supreme
  • Develop the awareness that your body must store energy
  • Develop the practices that accept that your body must “get” energy
  • Loose energy

The Energetic Value of Exercise

Simplistically we can say that we breathe in order to get rid of carbon dioxide gas in the lungs having received it from the blood and to secure a sufficient supply of oxygen by drawing it through the walls of the air sacs of the lungs into the blood.

It is in this manner that exercise increases the circulation, muscular activity forcing more blood into the veins and heart, and the excess stimulates the lungs into greater activity and therefore, the best exercise consists of varied activities and never too long. Exercise therefore brings into action one set of nerves or muscles but doesn’t engages them in unduly continued violent work.

But there is a deeper meaning to the value of Exercise….

Life moves not on a straight line but in rhythmic curves.

Christopher Walker

Exercise helps you rest… a magnetic person knows how to rest.

As a matter of fact few people know anything about it. It is a very valuable art. There are those whose sleep is good but it is not magnetic. The magnetism of sleep evolves from a mental and emotional state of peace, of oneness with the Universe, an enforced freedom from care and a receptive attitude toward the Energy Forces that cause vital and healing (attractive) powers.

For Magnetic and Healing Sleep: before going to sleep at night you will:

  • Be at Peace!
  • Assume oneness with the All
  • Banish care from the mind
  • Relax muscles and nerves
  • Think, easily, calmly, confidently “I shall this night develop magnetic power in everypart of the body”

When the conscious mind is at peace within itself and with all existence then the subconscious knows that it can draw into the body the universal forces to rebuild and restore tissue and function.

The Deeper Healing Benefits of Exercise

Christian tradition declares that the Creator breathed the breath of life into man’s nostrils and he became “living soul”.

The proper channel for the breath is the nose, not the mouth, and that breathing through the nose, has something more than a physiological value.

Oxygen, especially that gained from exercise, carries etheric life and therefore Breath is the greatest engine of vitality.

The diaphragm is the body’s greatest variable in the engine of vitality. It is a large wide muscle covering the floor of the lungs and the roof of the stomach. It reaches from one side of the body to the other and from the front to the back. The ancients saw it as the seat of the soul. The diaphragm controls:

  • Organ health
  • Vitality
  • Laughter
  • Emotion
  • Concentration
  • Confidence
  • Presence
  • When your mind and thoughts are absorbed in something this organ or respiration, the diaphragm, ceases its action completely;


  • A lowered diaphragm heals and energises the body naturally;
  • A raised diaphragm depresses life, weakens health and destroys magnetism.
  • In hypnosis the diaphragm is raised.
  • In wrapped attention the diaphragm is raised.
  • In hysterics it is raised.
  • In hiccups it is raised
  • In giggling and levity it is raised.
  • When another person is holding any kind of control of the you, the diaphragm is raised. In fainting the diaphragm is raised.
  • In illness it is raised.
  • In death it is raised.
  • In gambling, stressful situations and shock it is raised.

It can be seen that the habit of suspending the diaphragm in the raised position can drain and damage vitality and self healing. A new habit must be developed by exercise.

Recognize the position and location of the diaphragm.

Exhale all the air from the lungs then inhale as much as you can, and hold the breath for one second then exhale completely. After a rest repeat the whole process and hold the breath two seconds. Then exhale, after another rest and inhale and hold for 3 seconds;

After a rest exhale all you can then inhale all you can. Hold the breath for four seconds and tense the locality of the diaphragm. This is done by directing the attention to the rib cage. Spread the floating ribs to the left and right as well as in front and back as far as possible. This is called expanding the diaphragm.

Remember in all exercises of the diaphragm do not allow the abdomen to protrude.


Occultists have always taught that there was to be found in the air a substance or principle from which all activity , vitality and life was derived. “Prana” is the Sanskrit term meaning “Absolute Energy”. We understand Prana to be the principle of energy exhibited in all living things, the Vital Force. (MAGNETISM) It is found in all forms of life, from the amoebae to man, from the most elementary form of plant life to the highest form of animal life. Prana is all pervading.

Prana is the name by which we designate a universal principle. This principle is the essence of all motion, force or energy. It is manifested in gravitation, electricity, the revolution of the planets, and all forms of life, from the highest to the lowest. It may be called the soul of Force and Energy in all their forms.

The Hebrew writer of the book of Genesis knew the difference between the atmospheric air and the mysterious and potent principle contained within it. He speaks of “neshemet ruach chaytm”, which, translated, means “the breath of the spirit of life”.

We are constantly inhaling the air charged with Prana and are constantly extracting the latter from the air and appropriating it to our uses. In ordinary breathing, we absorb and extract a normal supply of Prana, but by controlled and regulated breathing (generally known as Yogi breathing) we are able to extract a greater supply which is stored away in the brain and nerve centers to be used when necessary. We may store away Prana just as the storage battery stores away electricity. One who has mastered the science of storing away Prana, either consciously or unconsciously, radiates vitality and strength. It is a magnetism which is felt by those coming into contact with you and gives increased vitality and health. What is called “magnetic self healing” is performed in this way, although many practitioners are not aware of the source of their power.

Just as oxygenated blood is carried to all parts of the system, building up and replenishing, so is the Prana carried to all parts of the nervous system, adding strength and vitality.

The supply of Prana taken up by the nervous system is exhausted by our thinking, willing, acting and therefore constant replenishing is necessary.