“Imagine the possibilities of learning an easy way of being 100% in control of your mental, emotional and physical strength. It would give you the ability to handle stress, move through difficulties, and stay happier faster. To stay young and healthy in body and mind. This is the technology of Innerwealth for Life Balance”


1. People get off track, lose their sense of purpose, feel unfulfilled or depressed because their life is somehow out of balance.

2. If we are out of balance everybody feels it immediately both at home and at work and this can have a long term impact on work and family.

3. Magic happens when mind, body and emotions align with a balanced personal vision.

3 Steps

Step 1 – Become Inspired in everyday life

Step 2 – Create a future that’s balanced

Step 3 – Align your inspiration to your vision

Step 1 – Inspired by Everyday Life

It takes 30 days to engage the whole of our humanity in change. This is the key to total human awareness … to avoid the long slow piece meal approach that can create as many problems as it fixes. Innerwealth Back on Track inspires the whole self, and puts you in an inspired space.

Step 2 – Balance your personal vision

Very few things mess up a person’s life more than their vision. Too big and it’s depressing, too small and it’s demotivating, too single minded and it’s aggressive, too dependent on others and it’s anxiety and tension. The way i see it, vision is the single most important variable in life, get it right and there’s no stopping you, get it wrong and it’s all hard work. We are experts in human vision, balanced vision setting.

Macro shot of red and yellow leaves.

Seven Visions: Seven Areas of Life

Step 3 – Align your daily inspiration to your future vision

We sabotage anything we cannot link to our vision, even if we never articulate that vision… this is an amazing awareness. Linking what you do to what you want leads to success.

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