Tolerance and Mental Health

We feel uncomfortable challenging people when they cry poor. The more uncomfortable we feel the more important it is to challenge them.

Mental health escalated when it is fed.

Feeding mental health problems is often confused with compassion and tolerance. But compassion is not about making mental health worse. Impassion is about improving mental health.

The more time a person spends in fight – flight – “got to” the more out of balance they become. This imbalance creates defensiveness and therefore becomes harder to approach. We call it radioactivity.

A radioactive person is difficult to deal with. They dramatise or resist your suggestions. That is not a time to capitulate and agree. It is a time to stand still. No push. No pull.

Standing still is neither agree or disagree. Nor is it debate. You see two sides, they see one. Hold this with a smile. This is compassion.

Beware of the bully who makes you wrong, and the bully who plays victim. Both are just acute signs of a radioactive mind. Stay centred and don’t feel the need to agree with the victim, it just makes mental health worse. And that’s not compassion.

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