It overwhelms me with hurt to witness the misinterpretation of good thinking, when people translate positive thinking as the lack of negative thinking. That is the equivalent to being good and never bad. It’s the equivalent to success without failure or right without wrong. It is a notion of terrorism in our own lives and homes. Positive thinking without negative thinking disrupts families and defines yoga and meditation as experiences of only the sweet, soft, fragrance of frangipani and incense in a sweet warm bath of coconut oil while watching the sun go down with a freshly squeezed mango smoothy in hand drinking through a biodegradable straw and a bamboo cup, under solar lights with recycled water.

The parallel paths of Western spirituality and it’s self help teachings coincides perfectly in fit with the increasing rates of depression and mental health. It seems the more we become aware of our body, and treating it like a “temple” the more we struggle mentally. I trace it all back to the ridiculous notion that positive thinking, positive living can exist without the negative thinking, negative living.

Recently a client became quite violent when I suggested her passion for the environment was a fantasy of righteousness. Her anger and mean minded approach to those who didn’t agree with her verged on crazy, and her mental – emotional state revealed it. The environment is our responsibility and it is great to see us protecting this planet from excessive destruction but the real environmental issues begin at home, not so much with recycling, but with mind.

A bad mood emits toxins as severe as any fossil fuel engine. A nasty criticism is as noxious as the plastic we discard to the ocean and lasts as long. Judgements not expressed are powerful poisons equally as life threatening to our own and through secondary impact on the heart and lungs as cigarette smoking. Anger and hate are bullets as powerful as those used in mass shootings. We underestimate the power of the mind to do good and so too we underestimate its ability to do bad.

A company wants to turn its fortunes around, improve its performance and gain more traction. It will focus on the engagement of employees and sales, attitudes and skills but what little focus is put on the energy of thought? What if individuals are left in their inner realms to think as they please even when on the outer they engage? Is it considered that many of the greatest achievements have arrived at their supremacy not through the science of product differentiation or even company strategy but through the cumulative mindset of it’s loyal followers.

A sports team is encouraged to win by loyal fans. That energy creates a “home ground advantage” which is witnessed in nearly every sport. A new coach can change the fortunes of the exact same team simply by creating a new inner environment in the team hearts. This is not guesswork, we know it works.

But we’ve not been so clear on the application of mind powers and life force to individual environmental responsibility. Not so much the act of recycling paper but the potential to “spoil” the party, “dishearten a talent” or even self harm through the judgement of a friend, relative or family member.

Positive thinking is corrupted by misinterpretation. The emotional shower and other innerwealth skills aim to give the experience of positive thinking as it is intended. Not in the hap of hype but in a new powerful understanding. There are two sides to everything.

Positive thinking is really a cause of pain. Balanced thinking is the cause of ambivalence. Neither are really attractive. Grateful thinking often parallels positive thinking in the appetite to be all thankful and all positive which denies reality, confronts universal law and causes inner and outer turbulence.

The answer.?

See the two sides to everything and then focus on the positive”

Chris Walker

This skill of seeing truth and expressing one half of it is the secret to success, romance and health in life. Try it before you buy it, you may be pleasantly (and unpleasantly) surprised.