Life is one long series of never ending transitions. Moving from one job to another, from one boss to another, from one love to another, from one sport to another, from one age to another. Transitions are life.

Nature, and therefore you, never move in straight lines. You must already know this about life. Your month is never a smooth end to end experience. There are waves of happiness, sadness, ups and downs, ins and outs, confidence and insecurity, peace and disruption. You know this. But how well do you manage those transitions and fluctuations?

Arguments, depressions, confusions, uncertainties, reveal a poorly managed transition, nothing more. Most, if not all of your problems would go away if you did nothing.

Poor health is also a sign of badly managed transitions. So, it would be appropriate for you, your children and your sports club to engage in education around the topic of transition, and become good at it. Certainly it would save you a massive amount of time and energy.

I coach people through transition. It is my life work. I believe that at an executive level of leadership, transitions are a tsunami, a literal minute by minute consequence of responsibility. Hence, the better you are at transition, the more of them you’ll have, and the better you are at them, the more of them you’ll have. Getting help, support and being coached through continual transition is certainly no shame. In fact, anyone who has achieved any level of performance in their job, work, family, sport or leadership deserves that support.

As an outline of what I do in transition management I’ve created the Walker Transition Model. It works to address the various facets of transition. I’ll explain:

  1. Create a MAPPED IMAGE of exactly where you are. This demands honesty and insight.
    1. THE PAST
  2. Find CAUSE of what created the past, present and future you’ve MAPPED.
    1. Mental Imbalance?
    2. Social Imbalance?
    3. Career Imbalance?
    4. Health Imbalance?
    5. Financial Imbalance?
    6. Spiritual Imbalance?
    7. Relationship Imbalance?
    1. Let Go the Past with Love
    2. Reboot your physical systems
    3. Evolve your environmental influencers
    4. Re-evaluation authentic actions – Change Behaviour – New Habits
    5. New Mapped Reason – 7 Visions, 7 inspirations and 7 Purpose
    6. Love Life – Restore beauty into everyday life…

Lets review

  1. Take an honest snap shot of where you have: been, are and going.
  2. Find what needs to change in order not to repeat the past or go back to old habits
  3. Build a solid and beautiful life in all aspects of sustainable happiness and fulfillment.
  4. Learn from this an be more proactive in transition in the future.

Pain isn’t essential

Pain is not an essential part of living. However, when we do fall asleep at the wheel of life, it becomes the only way we grow and learn. A coach’s role in your life is to predict and prevent pain that comes through experiences that could have been learnt without the cost. Burning $10 teaches you that $10 burns, however, there’s really no need to burn money to find it out. A coach must, through their own footsteps be able to prove that $10 burns for the small cost of $1. – or $2.

If you’re an executive, want elite pain prevention, want to evolve and stay one step ahead of your own transition management, at home, in health or at work, then elite executive coaching is exactly suited for you.

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