Navigating the Corporate Nightmare

At around the age of 40-45 you’ll start to think to yourself, “where am I going and should I make a shift?” The reason that it’s an age thing is that your corporate / career trajectory starts to flatten out around 50 and whatever path you’ve chosen before then, is pretty much the path you’re on to the end. It’s a young persons world and too many people slip through the system stuck in the past but don’t recognise it until it’s too late.

In one of the most powerful McKinsey reports, a statistic revealed the number of vacant C suite roles in corporate life will escalate over the next few years while the number of unemployed middle managers will escalate at an even greater pace. Conclusion? Many unqualified people will be out looking for work.

The idea that working in an industry role for a long period of time will give us qualifications for the future is about as realistic as investing in square wheels or petrol engines. We meet these individuals who have been in their jobs, belong to the inner club, have jobs for the boys but are actually quite the block to company growth. They’re usually 45-55 years old, and have done little more than long hours and hard work to improve their qualifications for the past 10 years. In nature, they’d become prey for the faster, younger new bull. In corporate they’re usually the individuals complaining about women being promoted over their head.

Yes, this is a gender issue. Old bulls… and they are the corporate nightmare. Qualified to do the work but have none of the energy driven soft skills needed to engage others, especially clients with deeper human values. Usually these old bulls are “always right” and have the experience to understand the demands of long hours can cause plenty of stress driven health issues. But still they throw long hours onto young shoulders and expect positive results.

“ARE YOU STESSED?” Then Evolveyabastard ” – is my bumper sticker that went viral about ten years ago. It was so cleverly created by one of my corporate clients 100,000 of them went from conferences to car overnight.

EVOLVEYABASTARD – it means GYST – it means so much to those men 45-55 whose career has stagnated, gone past choice and they’re hanging on for grim death to avoid the chop, of early retirement. It means to become young at heart, to dig up assets of human nature that have stagnated amongst the hard years of work. EVOLVEYABASTARD means enjoy your work, and most importantly, help others who are less experienced and certainly less resilient to enjoy theirs too.

What do you think? Do you know anyone like this?

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