Are You Stressed? “Evolveyabastard”

The challenge to step up forward and out comes frequently. You might find yourself helping someone who eventually shits on you, or being promised something that doesn’t get delivered. You know the feeling.

Stress is a sign of just one single thing, your mindset and your world have collided. In that collision one thing can change. Want to guess what that is?

When your world collides with your mindset, your world is asking, inviting you, to evolve.

You might have relationship stress, the solution isn’t change, it’s evolveyabastard. If you’ve got too much work on and feel overwhelmned then the solution isn’t reduce the work, it’s evolveyabastard. All these stresses have a solution in a change of mindset.

If your partner cheats, ask where you are cheating on yourself.

If your work is building up, ask where you are not in synch with your personal priorities, on values, on track.

If your health is stressing you ask where you are not treating your body with love and respect.

When stress comes, don’t be a victim. Be inspired. Take the cause of the stress, flip it around and ask, where am i stuck using old expectations to manage new experiences?

Evolveyabastard is the answer to every stress. Ask the right question and you’ll get the right answer. Sometimes it’s about having lost heart in something and then having the something lose heart in you. If you listen to evolveyabastard it’ll help you by preventing you from saying “I knew it” damn why didn’t I listen to myself.

Evolveyabastard can save you a whole heap of time.