Being A Great Communicator…Energy Transference

Even if you’re right on track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there. 

Will Rogers

All communication, verbal, emotional, feelings, touch, sound, sight is about energy transference.

The stronger and clearer the signal, the clearer the reception. This is obvious for the Internet and Wifi connection but human communication is also a form of cosmic wifi. Thoughts, feelings, ideas, inspiration and love travel through walls and can’t be stopped. The environment is alive with communication.

Your communication is going to determine the quality of reception people have toward your outcomes. You can know that when you are tired, sleep deprived, exhausted, and or sad, your communication is weak. Some people even think that louder is better, but louder is only better if it is also for the purpose of being clearer.

Wasting energy is the cause of poor communication. We go to the fuel pump to fill the car, why not consider your daily routine in terms of refuelling? Building, stopping the drain of, and storing energy brings you to a powerful communication.

Let’s look a bit deeper. You are a battery. Your body is one big battery with billions of cells. Each cell is charged with electricity. You need a chemical liquid, similar to the acid of a battery to cause the cells to remain charged, and chargeable. If the PH of that liquid is wrong, then the cells discharge. You’ve seen endurance althletes lose complete control of their otherwise perfect body due to dehydration or overhydration. Over hydration is as dangerous as dehydration. Over hydration dilutes the chemicals in your body and changes the PH to an unacceptably high level.

Given that you can keep the PH of your body fluids, mainly blood, at a healthy level, and that there’s not too much goo blocking the cell membrane, you should be capable of enormous energy output, at any age. So, what happens when we age that causes an energy drop in some people to the point that they run out of fuel altogether, cark it?

Energy is 99% thought. Control your thoughts – control your energy. If you watch the finish line of a triathlon, the first few athletes who cross the line stay standing. The rest usually collapse in a painful and exhausted heap over the line. The winner gets more energy from winning, those that follow, that spent their race chasing, are burnt. Winning creates energy, losing burns it.

Take this to work. Positive proactive environments build you and negative, judgemental, hr controlled performance microscopes destroy it. Communication, when used to find fault, drains us both from others and ourselves. We can drain our energy just sitting on the couch, thinking negative thoughts. It’s contageous too. Children bought up in losing homes, become exhausted as parents live to suck energy from their children’s performance, rather than give it.


  1. Your thoughts are your source of power.
  2. Communication depends on your source of power
  3. Negative and critical thoughts, even well intended, destroy energy
  4. Success breeds success because it builds energy – gives not takes it.

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