NO – And why I love that word

NO – I will not compromise my integrity

NO – I will not take that extra carb i do not need

NO – I will not give up

NO – I will not listen to advice I didn’t ask for or wouldn’t pay for

NO – I will stay with love and discount my reactions

NO – I will not take more than I give

NO – I will not make your stress my stress

NO – I will not react – I will evolve

NO – I value time and won’t waste it

NO – I will say it to my dog, cat and children… it’s an important impasse

I remember my dad saying NO. The stricter he was the more I said YES. He said no to fancy clothes, so I stole money and hid them from his view. It may have been wiser for him rather than inflict his NO, to encourage my own.

One word is harsher than NO… it is KNOW. When we say we know, we think we know, but know that we don’t know is far more accurate.