The Evolution Never Ends

There are no mistakes. In fact there are no accidents. There are many things that happen that we don’t want to happen. But these are no mistakes or accidents, there’s order in the chaos, and sometimes it’s hard, really hard to see.

Each time we face a chaos and find order in it, we evolve. That might not seem so important sitting in the bus on the way to work, but it is. Evolving is why you’re here on earth, and nothing, not one single piece of the whole journey of life, from birth to death makes sense without that word, evolve.

  • Unemployed? Evolve
  • Angry? Evolve
  • Single? Evolve
  • Divorced? Evolve
  • Ill? Evolve
  • Struggling with Stress? Evolve
  • Can’t get the job you want? Evolve
  • Quarrelling at home? Evolve
  • Depressed? Evolve

All too easy to start fixing things without that word, evolve. To fix things and not evolve engages a rift of ideas such as acceptance, appreciate, see balance, walk away, let it be, don’t sweat the small stuff. None of which means evolve.

When you evolve – there is no thing… the situation just disolves. You see order in chaos. If you could see anything from a more evolved view, you see both more deeply into it and more far away from it at the same time.

A cricketer evolves by seeing the ball better, moving faster, relaxing more, having more options. This is evolution applied to a sport but we can also apply evolution to business and personal wellness.

To evolve at work, we get more done in less time. We act from greater certainty. We predict the future more clearly. At work, the signs of stuck evolution are long hours, stress and unhappiness.

In life to evolve is to be more in balance, better mental, financial, social and spiritually in control.

A tree evolves, you can see it in the growth rings. A person evolves you can hear it in their awareness. A dog evolves, it learns. You evolve at the border of order and chaos. Be careful not to interpret chaos as a sign of anything other that a chance, challenge, opportunity to evolve.