Evolving through life, we wake up to some awful realisations that sometimes we’ve been chasing our tail. Job satisfaction has long been held as an icon of arrival, a success motto that needs no funds, an outcome that can be gained at no cost, something that makes us compromise the income we achieve by substituting the happiness we’re gaining.

But job satisfaction is a honeymoon. Whether you are an athlete, a CEO, a parent or self employed entrepreneur, job satisfaction exists in varying degrees in the best and the worst jobs on earth. So, where is the myth?

If we are fully satisfied at work, we make no blundering mistakes, never get chastised, never be hurt, dumbed, or fail, then we might say life is great, but there’s a cost. All humanity evolves at the border of support and challenge and if we’ve managed to control our circumstances so masterfully that we’re immune from any challenge, then either it’s in our health, mental state, relationship, social circumstances or spirituality.

And if we’ve managed to harvest all the positivity on earth to see only the good news in our work satisfaction, then what we repress, the opposite, others in our family express. In other words, if we’re super up, someone we love might end up being super down. The myth is in the polarity of ideal that job satisfaction (a good feeling) can exist on earth without its soul mate, its twin flame, Job Dissatisfaction. And if we’re too busy to notice our own, we’ll certainly be impacted by someone else’s problems.

Looking for a new job, think differently:

  1. How much does it respect my experience and qualifications (Pay)?
  2. How can I turn up satisfied and not expect the job to deliver it?
  3. Does the role support and challenge me?
  4. Is the person I’m working for moving upward or pushing downward
  5. Can I turn this job into a satisfying one?