Mobile Meditation: Lighten Your Emotional Load The First Step In Balanced Self-Leadership

Emotions are lopsided thoughts. Such is the freedom we have to think how and what we like. However, the source of all mental, emotional, physical, financial and relationship hardship, is emotion.

Emotions are beautiful when they work for us. Happiness, fun, joy, success, romance, marketing, fulfillment .. attraction, infatuation and more… these are good emotions because we enjoy them. But there’s a catch… emotions are a fight against nature.

If, as is stamped on the billions of years of history of the earth, plus more for the greater universe itself, balance exists, then every emotion is a fight with nature. How can it be?

If you want success in any field of endeavour, emotion cannot dominate your conscious mind. However, if you want happiness in any field of endeavour, emotion must dominate your conscious mind. Emotion is by definition a lopsided thought. A balanced emotion doesn’t exit. A two sided thought is no longer an emotion, it is an inspiration, unconditional love, a force as strong as any river, as powerful as a lazer beam. Emotion, on the other hand is like a torch on wide beam with a flat battery: dull, foggy and diluted, but it feels great.

He did this to me, she did that. We can separate the actions of others into good and bad too. Hence, the notion of a lopsided thought, emotion, is ingrained in even our religious and political system. We are governed by emotion. A theatre will magnify our emotions to entertain us. A singer will touch our emotions with words and music. Emotions dictate our entire response to others and therefore our entire response to ourselves. We are so emotional in life, we can hardly tell what it’s like to be without them and yet, emotions are the false truth.

Our senses gain information by comparing. Distance is computed not as a fixed point but as a relative one, closer or further than something you already know. Scent is comparative too. We have a data bank of good and bad smell and we compare. Taste, touch, sound, all comparative. Senses therefore feed emotions. Senses detect whether what we’re experiencing is pleasing or not, right or wrong, happy or sad, loud or soft, attractive or repelling, uplifting or down treading. Senses feed emotions and emotions feed sesnses. It’s an inescapable loop.

There are some challenges here. First, the set point of what is good and what is bad can change. This is perception. You might dislike someone, you might feel a pain while running but through time and adaptation that dislike can turn and the pain can disappear into the ambient we call normal. Therefore, emotions send us on a quest to forever find new experiences. As we adapt to a pleasure, and experience what was once amazing, we create a new false true, and start wishing for a new level of pleasure. As any drug addict, alcoholic, sex adict and it’ll ring true. But a new job, a new relationship will function the same way, we adapt, and what was an emotional high no longer feeds our satisfaction, we reach for more.

Here’s how mobile meditation ooks graphically

The highest emotion we can have, the most stimulating, is at the bottom, GOT TO… when we say “I GOT TO” we are experiencing the highest of emotions. At the top, when we say “I LOVE TO” we have no emotion, we are inspired.

But is this “LOVE TO” Emotion Free state sustainable?

Short answer, no, it is never meant to be a stagnant, one state of mind. As we reach “LOVE TO” in any area or on any topic, a new possibility is birthed, we evolve. We evolve from the top of the consciousness cone to the bottom of the next cone, to unconsciousness. (incompetence) and this is why many people get stuck in life. They want to stay conscious (in control).

Evolving as a New Paradigm in Life…

A fixed mind with stay in a fixed place trying to prove that an emotional stance of “right without wrong” or “pleasure without pain” or “Up without down” is RIGHT. This fixed mind eventually fights with nature’s balance which would, if they were evolving, eventually submit and accept that perceptions change over time. But the fixed minded person is stuck in a fight with nature which eventually destroys what they are fighting to be right about. Their relationship, health, finances, career, family, social opinion or spiritual judgements.

Add another layer of complexity

There are seven areas of life. We can be at a “GOT TO” level in one area and at a “LOVE TO” in another. However, our emotional function is based on the lowest, most emotional area. Sport personalities can “COMPARTMENTALISE” in order to prevent emotional migration from say, their relationship, into their sport. But these compartments are temporary, they can’t be sustained. Eventually we will function at the lowest emotional state. If our finances are dragging us into fear or greed, eventually fear and greed migrate into the other areas of life and we can easily see our life begin to cross fertilise turmoil. This is why, in corporate visioning and life skills training, it is important to share emotional skills for all walks of life and not just EQ compartmentalisation skills. We must learn to evolve as nature intended.

Emotions and Health

Our energy can be spent on many things: thinking, running, sexing, breathing, sleeping, working, etc. But when our mind stays in a fixed emotional state, our energy begins to attack our body. Then, health becomes nature’s bible. You can tell what is going on in a mind from the health of the body. It never fails. So, learning to evolve through emotions, both pleasurable and painful is an essential ingredient of good health.

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