Self Leadership in an Era of Individualism

You are in a new era. It may not feel like it but in a few years time they’ll all look back and label this time you are in as the “era of individualism.”

Never before have we been so limited by the word “I” – both for the good and bad of it. Being self aware means you’ll live longer, do better for the environment, hold a longer term view on your actions and look after yourself better. But “I” is also a poison that drives us to the very limit of our behaviour. We miss the bus, we sit on the train platform wondering how to make ends meet, we become limited by our DNA and fear and anxiety about what people think. And what we think about ourselves.


The vast majority of the human race operates in the realm of fear. For this, a vision is fear eradication, overcoming fears and this in itself becomes the purpose of life, eliminate my fears. Achievements become monuments to overcoming fear, but what would happen if we functioned on a different plain, a plain in which there was no fear? Our vision would be different, it would be to evolve toward a possibility that fear did not control. Mind limits us to fear. Thoughts are infinite. For vision quest you must transcend your mind, it’s fear limits and step into the open realm of infinite thought. See your life in a bigger context.


Life expands and contracts depending on the viewpoint from which we see it. A life lived in stress is a life unconscious. Stress is a sign, a call to action to expand your vision. We limit ourselves because we live in fear, we think this time we have is a requirement to suck every morsel of pleasure out of every moment to overcome the fears and be at peace. That view is obsessive and limited. Look at your life in context to the infinate journey of the universe and suddenly windows will open to your thoughts. Look to the stars at night. Consider infinite distance and time.

3. Don’t Waste A Jelly Bean of time… it’s priceless

Free will is wonderful. Absolutely free will, the freedom of speech, of thought, of emotions, and norishment has birthed a trillion dollar industry that never existed only 10 years ago. We’ve got spoofs, spam, sham and scram with every greedy institution jumping on board. Coca Cola bought Australia’s largest bottled water drink supplier, organic bamboo socks are everywhere, Lulu Lemon graces every young pair of yoga willing legs. We have options for coffee, meat, cars, power, internet and all. We can do a $10 phone or a $10,000 diamond studded one. And with options comes choices and with choices comes a whole swag of issues.

Which emotion is right? Which action? Which soap to buy? How to invest? These are not 1st world topics. They’re global and you’re right in the middle of the perfect storm. It’s therefore easy to button down and stop exploring options in order to “stick with what I know” or “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Drive your life not by hunting for distractions, for mini pleasures. Drive your life not by hunting for pleasure or avoiding pain, (your body’s ignorance) nor by the appetite to resolve fear, (your mind and ego) but by the desire to tap into the incredible expanse of evolution, unlimited energy, unlimited potential, the future.

4. Focus on Evolution To Resolve Your Confusion

Positive personal change through higher consciousness means that the overwhelm of options of life direction and vision can be filtered down really fast. The process simply asks “where am I going and how will doing this or buying that, get me there?” Distilling chaos to order is the personal discipline. Higher consciousness is the easier and better decisions part of it. And the positive, well, saves time and money and emotion and energy, might go a long way to resolving option confusion.

We must have a trust that the universe exists. That there is no judgement in the sky from a “higher being” and that we have complete control of our destiny. We cannot control the orbit of planets yet, but we are the Creator of our Life. If we seek illusion, pleasure and righteousness, we seek imprisonment in our self created prison cell and then we can only decorate this and call it life. The Innerwealth Book was written to give you the keys to translate the universal laws that run planets and cause them to run your life. But first you need a dream, vision that is beyond pleasure. Pain is as valuable teacher as pleasure. If you seek one and try to avoid the other, like Success without Failure, or Happy without sad, you will fail, you will not evolve consciously, you will evolve experientially, by hard knocks.

Your mental health, your inspiration, your love for life is not the end game. Those are the consequences of a big clear vision, clear goals, hard work and a decision to be driven by a dream bigger than yourself, a purpose, a desire to achieve an outcome, that is not based on pleasure, but based on a vision at any cost.


Hallucinogenic drugs take people outside the bubble of fear. We talk on podcasts and blogs about the future of work but we talk 5-10 years. We do not worry or think about the eternity because we live in fear. We want to predict the future only to overcome our fear of being irrelevant, small, broke, unhappy when we get there. We live in fear of who we might become. This fear drives hate and darkness. It makes us small and pleasure hungry. Our appetite can’t wait for a minute. We must eat, drink and be merry just in case the future isn’t great. We fear ourselves. We then put faith in other humans to resolve our fear and in doing so, attach ourselves to ignorance, the lowest consciousness around us. The one who seeks the most pleasure is always the one with the loudest voice. This is not a great place to call “home” – home is where the heart is and the heart is in the future without fear.

6. Know Your History…

Seven Million years of human evolution go into each cup of coffee you drink. Where you are is the accumulation of millions of years and you carry this evolution, you are this evolution and you can, with lack of practice in your life, revert to any time in that seven million years of memory.

Fight flight is primal. Your computer programmer at work could be a operating in their neanderthal memory. Your strategic planner could be in ape mode. How we think, more than what we think, determines the state of evolution we are bringing to this jelly bean day. This is why, the skills of discard and emotional shower are essential, to master being, living and doing, what is respectful to the evolution your ancestors have provided. You can become a coach to less conscious individuals who are stressed. You can demonstrate respect for your evolution by compassion for those who are stuck in a time warp of your past. But we must never, ever go back.